Edgar Wright Campaigns For Anna Kendrick To Play Squirrel Girl

Anna-Kendrick Squirrel Girl

Edgar Wright, director of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and the Cornetto Trilogy, took to Twitter today to raise support for Anna Kendrick landing the role of Squirrel Girl. In his tweet, he discusses the other actors in Scott Pilgrim who went on to become superheroes such as Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Michael Cera, Brie Larson, among others. You can view the tweet and Kendrick’s reply below (Note those with adblock will have trouble viewing tweets):

Wright then goes on to joke about how Kendrick’s character should have to fight/defeat all seven aforementioned superheroes in the movie, sound familiar? It should as Wright’s previous comic book film had its main character defeating seven powered foes to win the heart of a girl.

Personally I love the idea of Kendrick as Squirrel Girl and really hope the character ends up appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe somewhere down the road. Squirrel Girl is a comically powerful character having taken down the likes of Thanos and Galactus single-handedly.

What do you guys think? Should Squirrel Girl be introduced to the MCU? Who do you think should play her? Sound off in the comments down below!

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Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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  • Jacob King

    Some ideas are too correct.

  • all_I_have_to say

    Who is squirrel girl and when the heck she become so popular?

    • G-Man

      Quick google search could answer the who part. She became popular in the last 3-ish years after new comic series and defeating Thanos.

  • Worldmind

    Wouldn’t be my pick, she looks too old, Squirrel Girl needs to be like a teenager/early 20s. I would be pumped for Charlyne Yi to get the part (I know, she’s in her 30s , but looks way younger) Failing that, Shannon Purser who recently tweeted about it, she would be great.
    In the comics Doreen Green has been a babysitter for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ kid, so if those two get together eventually Squirrel Girl could be on the Netflix shows

  • Icecream2448

    I think someone like Daisy Ridley as Squirrel Girl would be interesting…

  • Warren

    I was wondering which Punisher was in Scott Pilgrim and then I remembered Thomas Jane was one of the Vegan Police Officers

  • lostapostle

    Squirrel Girl is the same age as Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in the MCU. Kendrick would be too old to be opposite Holland.