‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Sequel Gets A Title; Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt To Return

'Edge Of Tomorrow' Sequel Gets A Title; Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt To Reprise Roles. Doug Liman confirmed it in an interview.

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It’s been a few years since the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow came out. Overlooked and probably underrated by many given that it had aliens and a Groundhog Day premise, the film wasn’t promoted to its full potential and even released the DVD under the new title of Live. Die. Repeat.

Director Doug Liman recently spoke to We Got This Covered while promoting his last film, The Wall. Liman was asked about the state of the sequel for Edge of Tomorrow. His response is below.

“I’m actively working on Edge of Tomorrow 2 right now, which is going to go by the title Live Die Repeat and Repeat. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are both signed on.”

It’s nice to know that both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will be back for the sequel as I’d see no way it would have worked without them. They both truly carried the film and their characters’ relationship was very central to all of the plot.

Although Live Die Repeat and Repeat sounds like a mouthful and the repetition of the word “repeat” might throw people off, it does follow up on what the tagline for the original movie was.

A tentative release date for the film has not been set.

Source: We Got This Covered

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