Emma Watson On If She Would Reprise Role As Hermione In Possible ‘Cursed Child’ Film

'Beauty & the Beast' star Emma Watson discusses the possibility of returning as Hermione Granger if 'Harry Potter & the Cursed Child' was adapted for film.

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An entire generation of fans grew up alongside Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger and the cast of the Harry Potter films. When Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast hits theaters this week, Watson will share her portrayal of Belle, another iconic and childhood favorite character, with audiences. In an interview to promote the remake with SiriusXM, Watson discussed the possibility of reprising her role as Hermione should the stage production titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child be adapted into a feature film.

Emma Watson would not rule out returning as Hermione further down the line.

“Definitely nothing planned at the moment. I wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up…ask me in another 10 [years.”

Emma Watson shared her experience of viewing the stage production and meeting the new actress who plays Hermione.

“It’s so funny because I went to see the stage production, and well, I just didn’t think through what it could mean to me, I didn’t know what to expect really. I was not prepared for how emotional it was, to meet Noma, who plays the new Hermione. She came into the – I was in this little room off the side of the theatre – and she came in and gave me this big hug and I just burst into tears. It was so emotional for me to know that Hermione was going to be okay, and that everything sort of worked out, and what her future would look like.”

Emma Watson elaborated on the emotional visit.

“Being part of Harry Potter was something I grew up with, I was in it for over a decade, I had been part of this family. The theater group welcomed me like I was part of that family, and that was really emotional for me too, they made me feel that I was still part of it, and that was very moving for me to.”

Though Warner Bros. has confirmed that a Cursed Child film was not being developed, anything can happen in the future. As Hollywood continues to revive beloved franchises and reunite original cast members, as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it feels next to impossible that a new Harry Potter film would not at least be considered further down the road.

Source: Entertainment Weekly (via Snitch Seeker)

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