‘Episode VIII’ Information From Daisy Ridley, Including Where It Starts!

We have some awesome new information from Daisy Ridley regarding Episode VIII. She was at the Oscars last night, and while speaking to MTV she talked about what exactly she can say as far as details go, and how she’s learning as she going on, and also showcased her excitement over Episode VIII filming. Daisy was asked about the whole picking up where we left off at the end of The Force Awakens thing that we’ve all been talking about, and she went along with it, so it seems that is the case, and the fact that they are picking up there isn’t something that they are going to be hiding.

Ever since The Force Awakens came out I’ve been thinking that there would be solid chance that Episode VIII would pick up with no time having passed. With it being the first one to pick up without any passage of time, many didn’t think they would be going this route. A lot of people have asked, “How will they put anything in the crawl?” I trust however Rian Johnson has decided to go about doing things, and I am sure he has some amazing stuff in the crawl.

She also talked about working with Mark Hamill, and how Luke is “so cool” in Episode VIII. I am as enthused as possible for what is ahead between Rey and Luke. The discussions that they are going to be having and the training that is going to go down, has me so, so freaking excited!

Here’s the interview with Daisy!

It is going to be interesting to see how they go about doing this. What Rey and Luke’s first words to each other are is so intriguing. I very much so think that she is Rey Skywalker, and I’m pumped to see how that conversation is going go down. We’re going to be find everything out at the same time that Rey is. I love it!

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