EW Writer Has Seen ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ Tweets His Thoughts

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

On top of Entertainment Weekly‘s brand-spanking new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice covers and details on the upcoming D.C. Comics extravaganza, EW writer Anthony Breznican, who was lucky enough to see the movie about a month ago, shared his spoiler-free thoughts about it on Twitter. Said Tweets are linked below:

The challenges facing this movie are enormous, the kind of challenges that makes $1 billion in box office receipts a requirement, not a success. It supposedly has cost $400 million before promotion and marketing – a mind-boggling sum. And, if you follow the movie blogosphere, it’s been hard not to hear about the high anxiety running behind the scenes at the studio about the movie and the implications for the future D.C. Extended Universe.

Add to that the huge success story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the muted response, critically and commercially to Man of Steel, even the recent blockbuster success of the comparatively-small budgeted Deadpool and somehow the first cinematic pairing of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight seems almost passe.

Personally, I liked Man of Steel while recognizing it’s almost impossible to actually love. Its problems are structural and from the script so there’s very little middle-ground of interpretation when it comes to loving or hating that film. I think they made the best of a bad situation here by, as Breznican says, incorporating the criticism in-universe while continuing on the path they’ve chosen which is “grim/dark.” Reasonably, miming Marvel’s whimsy wasn’t a way forward; D.C. movies have to have their own distinct identity. Will their identity net as big an audience as Marvel’s?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25.

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • richoracle


  • PatM

    Well I loved Man Of Steel, so I guess i’ll love BVS

    • Victor Thomas


      • Jacob Ado

        Ditto* Dido is a 90’s pop artist.

  • Alboone

    I think this bodes well. Put me down in #2. Loved MOS till the end, so good on the movie for addressing that which only make it more interesting to me. Can’t wait till the 25th!

  • tigerface

    It’s gonna make that money back, not a shred of doubt. If Michael Bay can squat and drop a Transformers movie that makes a billion dollars globally, even a mediocre BvS can top that easily. Everyone and their dog knows who Batman and Superman are, and you have them in as Lex put it, “the greatest gladiator match in history” it’s gonna rock that box office.

  • Carl

    This confirms my fears. Sounds like more of the same from MoS. Does that mean the same mixed reception?

    • Lupin

      So u hated all of Man of Steel? you’re No.3? Didnt you see the trailers? Id advice that you get over your bias and join in the fun :)
      This is going to be awesome!!! 😀 😀 😀

      • Carl

        Hate is a strong word. I just didn’t like it. BvS looks very similar. No bias here, I’m hoping it’ll be better than MoS but if it’s more of the same I probably won’t like it. I’m going to see it, probably not opening night, maybe the weekend.

        • SAMURAI36

          Sucks for you. This will be the highlight of the year for me. Right next to the Warriors wining the championship again.

          • Carl

            It only sucks for me if the movie sucks. lol

        • Lupin

          Cool Carl, imagine the time we’re having – WOW!
          The Trinity in a movie, then CIVIL WAR 😮 , Then Apocalyse (although I still wish the Rock had been cast as Apocalypse :/ but Im over it and want to enjoy it), then Dr Strange & Baron Mordo ….
          GOTDAMN! I just ordered a 2 6 packs of Hanes underwear!!! lol

          • Carl

            I want the Rock to play Lobo. lol

  • Lupin

    WOW! This sounds freaking awesome. I knew I was going to need a change of undies now just ordered a 6pack of Hanes. This is going to be a tough day!

  • w0undedmagic

    I’m sorry-but this whole “It HAS to make a billion dollars!” thing is nonsense. This film is an INVESTMENT in the future of DC film properties. Yes, it has to make a profit and be a BIG success-and it will be. Has everyone forgotten that EVERY live action Batman (including the bad ones) have made a huge profit? The combination of neckbeard hateboners and box office hyperbole for this film is just astounding. Also, the film has been RUMORED to have cost 400 mil. Well, this film has been RUMORED to be a lot of things. We’ll see soon enough.

    • Lupin

      I think it will clear $1b easily. I dont think ‘IT HAS TO’ but they shouldn’t be worried at all. This thing will slay. Just for perspective, and take this with a grain of salt –
      Im American living in the UK now. All IMAX and IMAX3D tickets have sold out for the entire Nation! Apart from a few seats left in an obscure IMAX3D venue which they say is filling up fast. Now there aren’t that many IMAX screens in the UK, there’s maybe 5 in London, 2 in Manchester and 5 spread elsewhere.
      But let that sink in – it’s sold out for the 1st week (25th to April1st) entirely in IMAX!


    This sounds fantastic. I’ll be there on Thursday night, as well as Friday morning. I’ve already purchased 4 tickets.

  • unpaidpundit

    The executives at Warner Bros. must be confident about the prospects for “Batman v. Superman,” otherwise they would not have gone ahead and made a Wonder Woman movie, and fast tracked a Justice League movie. And why are the Warner executives feeling confident? It is standard practice to preview movies. The preview audiences must have had positive reactions.

    • CD

      They also requested a Batman trilogy after having a standing ovation during the preview…really starting to wonder about all these trolls. Movie will do well and we will all get an awesome DC universe.

    • Lupin

      yh some of these reports dont make sense. Execs are scared, heads are going to roll, the whole slate is in jeopardy – Yet the evidence points elsewhere 1. WW was fast tracked (confirmed sources have said WW slays in BvS)
      2. Justice League has been confirmed and fast tracked with the same director
      BvS is going to crush it, im more convinced than ever. The level of excitement for this film is not at the level of STARWARS but it is definitely in the same range. CIVIL WAR is an afterthought atm (until they ramp up marketing after BvS release)