Ezra Miller On Rick Famuyiwa Leaving ‘The Flash’: “Ultimately Things Will Work Out”

Ezra Miller says that he is still hopeful for 'The Flash' film even though director Rick Famuyiwa has left the project over creative differences.

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The eventual Flash film starring Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster has taken a recent major blow as director Rick Famuyiwa departed the project over creative differences with the studio. It is unknown who will be taking over for Famuyiwa, but as of right now we know that Ezra Miller is still hopeful.

Ezra Miller has spoken quite a bit recently about the shake-up, but the Nerdist has a new Q&A with the actor about his feelings on the situation. According to Miller, the film is a team effort, so no one person leaving can ruin the whole thing. Miller is still confident that things will work out for his film.

“[I feel] sad, a little sad. Love Rick, but super grateful for all the work he has done. And trust the process, you know what I mean? I trust these processes. I think from a distance, observing the processes of a production of the film can seem–I dunno–interpersonal, or dramatic. But it’s actually just these are groups of people working to make a piece of art together. And you know, things work out. Things don’t work out. I definitely feel like ultimately things will work out. I’m extremely excited about The Flash. It’s funny. We’ve had sort of this tragic relay race of the passing of the baton of this project. But it feels like each person who has won the race has brought something really special to it, which I think will ultimately be in the work we create.”

Although Ezra Miller has received a lot of flack over his casting of Barry Allen, many fans have come around after seeing him briefly in both Suicide Squad and the trailer for Justice League. He was also in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the reception to that cameo wasn’t as warm. Miller brings a boyish charisma to Barry Allen, and works well opposite Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne in the trailer for Justice League.

It will be interesting to see who takes over for Famuyiwa, but for now as long as Ezra Miller still thinks it will all work out, I do as well.

Who do you want to see take over for Famuyiwa? Also, are you worried about the film at all of do you think it will all work out?

The Flash is slated to be released March 16th, 2018.

Source: Nerdist

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