Fan Creates Supercut Of Marvel Studios Opening Logos

A YouTube user has compiled a supercut of all the opening logos of every Marvel Studios film from the last ten years, starting with Iron Man

Marvel Studios Victoria Alonso

Marvel Studios is the envy of almost every brand or franchise that have attempted to crack the “shared universe” puzzle. Being a relatively young studio that has been around for only about ten years, they have no less than seventeen movies under their belt and almost $13bn at the global box office to their name. Their place in the hearts of movie goers and their position as the de-facto shared cinematic universe cannot be denied.

Even though they are seventeen movies in and seem to be in the industry for the long haul, there are a number of “signature moves” they use that have helped them make their mark in the collective imagination of the movie going populace. While it can be argued that the “post credits scene” has become their signature and a mechanism they have harnessed to perfection to tease the next chapter of their vast universe, its their opening logo, with the sound of comic book pages flipping as the Marvel Studios logo takes shape, that is music to every comic book fans’ ears.

Even though the opening logo has remained within the same parameters, there have been subtle changes made to it over the last decade that is a strong enough indicator of the studio’s motto of stepping outside their comfort zone and exploring new ideas. If anything, the changes keep the experience familiar but fresh.

If you’re inclined to peruse your blu-ray shelf for all the movies under the Marvel Studios banner to see the changes made to the opening since it’s inception, we are here to save you energy and time.

A new video on YouTube from user “mcuONLY” has compiled a supercut of all the opening logos from Iron Man to the studio’s latest, Thor: Ragnarok. The end result is quite a wonder to behold and serves as a reminder on how far the studio has come since it’s early days.

With Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man And The Wasp releasing this year, we can’t help but wonder if the logo will go through any more changes. We’re keeping our fingers crossed as we enjoy the current retrospective.

Source: YouTube