Fans Start A Petition For WB To Cast Shia Labeouf As Red Hood

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It has been hotly rumored for some time now, ever since it was revealed that one of Batman’s past Robins in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was killed at the hands of the Joker, that the infamous Batman villain/anti-hero Red Hood (Jason Todd) would be making an appearance in a future Batman solo film. The Red Hood’s story-arc is one of Batman’s most popular story-arcs, and the animated feature film Batman: Under the Red Hood is one of DC’s most popular animated features to date. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder fans are waiting to see the character debut in live action.

A new fan petition has been created that not just asks WB to include Red Hood in a future DCEU film, but to cast everybody’s favorite Shia Labeouf (I hope you can smell the sarcasm) as the man under the hood, Jason Todd. Labeouf may come as a surprise to some fans, because of his strange off-screen antics, but what a lot of people are ignoring is the fact that his last few movies were really, really good. And not just the movies themselves, but his performances have received quite a bit of praise. He’s come a long way since the days of Transformers.

According to the petition, here are a few of the reasons why fans seem to think Labeouf would be a great choice:

  • Shia Labeouf is willing to go the distance to be the best that his character can be in recent films.
  • Ben Affleck was hated by so many people because he was cast as Batman and now, he is loved by many after an amazing performance as Batman.
  • Shia Labeouf is truly one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, if you’ve seen his recent films.

While these reasons aren’t elaborate to any extent, I can certainly see where they’re coming from. He lets his roles engulf him, and he gives whatever character he chooses to play his absolute all. Jason Todd is one of the most complex characters from Batman lore, and Labeouf’s hint of “dark” would definitely do the role justice.

Keep in mind, director David Ayer did already approach WB about Labeouf being in Suicide Squad, to which his request was promptly shot down for being “too crazy”. Labeouf has gained a bad reputation since his time in Transformers, but if his recent roles are any indication, his acting talent should easily outweigh everything else.

Do you want to see Shia Labeouf play Jason Todd/Red Hood in a live action version of Under the Red Hood? Make sure to sound off below.

Check out the link to the petition here if you’d like to sign!

Josh Behr

Josh Behr

Jack of some trades, master of some others. That saying never really made a lot of sense to me.

  • Bill

    I could definitely get behind that

  • mr nobody

    I wouldn’t mind him as jason. But I would mind if people start getting casted due to pressure from the audience on the studio. which i doubt really but still…

  • In Brightest Day

    Casey. Affleck.

  • Chris W

    Labeouf has always been a good actor. He might do some odd things in his personal life. But that doesn’t matter to me in film, I only want to see a good character portrayal, and he’s definitely capable of that.

  • flavortang

    I don’t think he’d do it. Committing to a long-term role like this. He seems like he just wants to do smaller, arty kind of stuff. He probably has enough money from his earlier movies that he never needs to take on bigger roles again.

  • Sporfu

    Where are people getting this? They need to cast Matthew Daddario from Shadowhunters. He is the PERFECT Jason Todd casting. dude can do broody and angry and but also charming and sly. I can see him both as a snarky Red Hood and an angry, bitter Jason. His looks are just bang-on, and he actually looks exactly like him. Check him out on youtube, honestly. Blows my mind.

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  • Carl

    Honestly, he’d probably do a really good job.

  • Darthmanwe

    JEnsen Ackles or go home!

    Srsly tho, ppl need to stop with this petition bullshit for casting. Studios are not gonna make casting decisions off of that.