Fans Shouldn’t Worry About The Future Of DC Films


When it comes to the current climate of comic book movies, it has been difficult for Warner Bros. to win over critics and audiences with their ongoing DC Extended Universe. Man of Steel was successful at the box office but did not reach the type of Dark Knight-level numbers that the studio had hoped. Come 2016, and now we have a two new entries in the DCEU with Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, both films received negative critical reviews and it has left many fans wondering whether or not we should remain optimistic about what’s to come.

For starters, after decades of anticipation we are finally getting a Wonder Woman movie next Summer. A few months later, we will see the Justice League unite and if the set visit reports were any indication, the ship is being steered into the right direction. But even with the light at the end of the tunnel, many fans were left in a panic after an article from an anonymous writer on Pajiba wrote an open letter to Warner Bros. Entertainment Chairman Kevin Tsujihara criticizing the state of the studio and even making a claim that Wonder Woman is in trouble.

In a recent article from The Wrap, Umberto Gonzalez explained to readers and comic book fans why we should not worry about the future of DC Films post-Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad. Gonzalez rebukes the intentions of that Pajiba article, mentioning the writer not bringing up newly-promoted DC Entertainment co-presidents Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. In a particular highlight, Gonzalez emphasized this significant piece of information that the Pajiba article lacked:

Here is the kicker: Geoff Johns was recruited by the filmmakers themselves to work on these movies, according to sources close to the studio, and didn’t pitch or assign himself to the projects.

Much like Kevin Feige with Marvel Studios, Geoff Johns will serve as an important story lead for the DC Extended Universe. Filmmakers Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), James Wan (Aquaman), and Ben Affleck (Batman) have asked Johns for his input on their respective films, and knowing he has a promising track record when it comes to his knowledge and pure adoration for these characters, I think it is safe to say that fans should be as excited as ever for the future.

Source: The Wrap

Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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    Nice article. Thanx for setting things straight.

  • razorstar90

    What has Geoff Johns done in film? We know what he’s done on tv and on the page. But film is a different animal. All Johns has done on film is having his name attached to critically derided movies. You can say “well he didn’t have control bla bla bla”. His name is still on it. There’s no reason to have optimism at this point. The panic will subside when DC/WB puts out a good movie. Till then they should be mocked and criticized relentlessly for damaging the DC brand and it’s rich history.

    • SAMURAI36

      Dude, do you make this stuff up standing in front of the mirror every morning?

      “Damaging the brand”….

      • Rise_of_the_justice_league!

        Johns is overrated,wayyyy so, bad writer Imo!

        • flavortang


        • Napi

          Truly ironic! Some guy called “Rise of the Justice League” that thinks Geoff Johns is an overrated bad writer (the one who wrote “Rise of the justice league” for the New 52″)

        • duh

          He’s hit or miss. I though throne of atlantis was one of the best runs that i’d read in years.

      • razorstar90

        Yes damaging the brand. According to the Hollywood Reporter ( a reputable site that has been breaking stories about WB/DC since BvS became a debacle) reported that the CEO of WB was upset after BvS because that movie did damage to the DC brand. Read the article.

        • SAMURAI36

          Ahhj yes…. THR. They are a “reputable site”. I see. Because they always list their sources, right? Because in journalism, in order to he “reputable”, you have to ALWAYS list your sources. You do know that, yes?

          LMAO, “broke the news…” Who told them that “Kevin T is pissed…”? Did he say it in an interview? When’s the last time you’ve even seen an interview on that site? When did he say it? Where did he say it? Who did he say it to? None of these Q’s were answered in the article, & yet somehow you think you now have all the info.

          The sad thing is, most of ya’ll have no clue about how writing & journalism actually works, which is why it’s so easy for ya’ll to accept a narrative that’s been passed around like a game of telephone, by all these different websites. What kills me, is that the next site will just copy/paste the last site’s “news”, without doing ANY fact-checking whatsoever. They do precisely what you did, & just say, “well, it comes from so-n-so, so it must be true.” never mind I’ve seen THR, Deadline, Variety, & others get stuff wrong NUMEROUS times.

          Here’s the only FACT you need to know: any info garnered on a site or publication that is dedicated to Hollywood, and/or entertainment, should be taken with a grain of salt. All these sites have spin doctors to them, that manufacturer stories that consist of truth & falsehood, strangely mixed.

          But hey, keep believing whatever you want. I’m pretty certain that nothing I said is gonna stop you.

      • razorstar90

        Here’s the quote from the Hollywood reporter: “Kevin [Tsujihara, Warner Bros. CEO] was really pissed about damage to the brand,”

        so no i don’t make this stuff up.

  • AJayL

    I haven’t enjoyed the last two DC movies but I’m still hopeful. However, if WW disappoints, I will be pissed and will not look forward to the rest of the slate.

  • Origami Rose

    If they screw Wonder Woman i think that would really be the end for me. i’m not worried if they are going to make more films i’m worried about the quality and the choices they are making.

  • flavortang

    I’ve never been worried for the future of the movies. I’ve become more and more excited for the future with each new movie.

    • SAMURAI36

      Same here. Nothing is derailing the DCEU train, especially not a few haters.

    • SAMURAI36

      And yeah, I was hoping for a Hackman reference as well.


    Is it me, or is that team shot of the JL the most awesome thing anyone has ever seen?

    • Darthmanwe

      The most awesome thing movie related ever to me is still the Fellowship silhoutte image of Fellowship of the Ring.

      • SAMURAI36

        Meh, that was what…. 10 years ago? And a buncha characters that are hardly iconic? I’m good.

        • Darthmanwe

          Dude, if you think they are ‘hardly’ iconic…. Heh, you don’t know what that book did to popular culture.

          All these geek things you see around you? It all goes back to those books.
          And to my knowledge, Gandalf is still the only fictional character that was popular enough to be elected president.

          • SAMURAI36

            LOL, I never heard anything about Gandalf for Prez. But that’s the whole point. LOTR only appeals to a certain sector. As you said: “those geeks”.

            EVERYBODY knows who most of the JL are. The only one they probably don’t know, is Cyborg.

            And bear in mind, “popular” and “iconic” are not necessarily synonymous.

          • Darthmanwe

            How do you think all the D&D’s and Warhammers and all those underground geek cultures that later gave rise to the Modern Age of comic books first came to be?

            People with history degrees tracked its effect on popular culture, and while people under 25-30 might not realize truly what LotR has done, anyone who understands how history moves do realize how LotR trailblazed for many IPs people take for granted today.

            You don’t have Flash Gordon without LotR, in turn you don’t have Star Wars. And that’s only the most basic correlation.

            You might not think LotR consequential. But it is a FACT, not speculation, that it is still the most popular book of all time, barring religious texts. Comic books at their height sold at most 1 to 2 million copies, and today they barely break 100k marks, yet LotR still sells over millions of copies every year.

            Keeping things in perspective require knowledge of history.

    • Marquis de Sade

      Nawww, it’s just you.

    • Joey Wabi-Sabi

      It is DEFINITELY the most awesome thing in the world right now. Imagine when we get the first live action group shot in a trailer. I really might faint!!

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  • Steve Steve

    There’s a big difference between being nervous and believing that clap-trap letter. I thought that letter was absolute bunk, but I am still concerned for the DCEU future.

    Cautious optimism is my current state. Wonder Woman and Justice League have great potential for excellence, but also failure.

    No matter what, James Wan will probably make an incredible Aquaman film, and Lord & Miller will write an excellent Flash film. (Wouldn’t it be incredible if WB were to stumble through five movies only to have Aquaman and Flash be their grand slams!)

  • clownprince2acnt

    flash and aquman are flopping nonmatyer what lmao..

    aquaman becausw aquman is a joke . Then on top of that you cast a joke of a actor to play a joke of a hero.

    Flash- ezra miller as flash is trash lol.. along with his power ranger suit.

    ww flop on release date alone..

    jl prob wont make a billion…

    lmao dccu is done stick a fork in them lmao..

    cant wait for these slate of films toncome out and underperform just to see new excuses dcturds can come up with lmao

    • GRKDC

      “nonmatyer” what you’re a troll XD

      • ClownPrinceOfTroll

        26% ???

        • GRKDC

          Rotten Tomato score? That’s correct that is what the score is….not sure what you are implying? Especially because your badly written post is referring to the DC films “toncome” out in the future.

          Keep editing your original post 😛 maybe 10 comments later it might actually make sense

          • ClownPrinceOfTroll

            26% 27% 54% 0/3 soom to be 0/4

            jolley rancher
            rift raft

          • GRKDC

            I just realized your name is “ClownPrinceofTroll” sorry for the discussion

  • MichaelSacal

    Johns has been an executive producer on all these movies from the start. The question is not that he is involved, but what that involvement is and how, if at all, it will differ from his involvement in the first three movies.

  • Mohsin Javed

    awesome article