‘Fast & Furious’: Vin Diesel Wants The Family To Stay Happy

Vin Diesel has played peacemaker to the family before in the Fast & Furious franchise, but now he's trying to keep the peace between his castmates happy.

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Vin Diesel has had to play peacemaker to the family before in the Fast & Furious franchise, but never before as an actor trying to keep his castmates happy and ready for the next film.

With the recent news that Fast 9 has been pushed to 2020 to make way for a Fast & Furious spinoff film featuring The Rock and Jason Statham, cast member Tyrese Gibson has been vocally upset, calling out The Rock on social media and accusing him of breaking up the family.

In a Facebook video taken aboard his private jet, Diesel just wants everyone to keep it positive:

One should remember that Diesel is a producer on each of these films, and as such makes a lot of money from each installment. It is in his best interest to keep the peace between the cast and keep the motor running. He posted the following Instagram picture today, in which he defends The Rock:


Remember that Vin Diesel and The Rock previously reportedly had a feud on the set of Fate of the Furious last year, and just this summer Michelle Rodriguez spoke out against the creative minds behind the series for not giving the women of the cast what they deserved. Diesel has had a hand in ending both of these conflicts, which has further cemented himself as the Godfather of the Furious family, both in the films and outside them.

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