‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: S2E2 ‘We All Fall Down’

Last week audiences returned to a world that is just experiencing the start of the zombie apocalypse. Now we find our group of survivors on the boat heading towards San Diego, avoiding the coast and all other individuals.

“We All Fall Down” opens with two children playing on the beach, encountering walkers who are stuck behind a metal fence. It’s clear that the world is still not as familiar with their new surroundings and how to act around the zombies.

Madison (Kim Dickens) confronts Nick (Frank Dillane) about jumping off the boat again. While Nick was out by the boat wreckage, he found the log and brought it back to the group, the group starts to examine the boats log. Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) tries to reassure Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) that going towards San Diego will be safer and that is the right decision for the entire group. 

They dock the boat and come across what appears to be a small community. Travis tries to get the individuals out of the house, saying that he knows they are scared but they just want information and they are not a threat. “We are not not sick, we need help.” George (David Warshofsky) owns the house and greets the group. Travis explains that the group just needs to collect themselves and that his family has nothing to fear.

George picks up that the group is from Los Angeles. We learn that cities are being bombed in order to kill the dead. San Diego has been destroyed.

Madison bonds with Melissa, George’s wife. The two discuss life prior to the apocalypse taking over, even sharing a glass of wine. Madison reflects upon the conversation after and realizes that it was more of an interview, than a conversation. This new dynamic between survival groups is a complete contrast to The Walking Dead, which has shown the worst side of humanity. George and his family believe that they found new friends, they were fearing what would come off the boat when they arrived.

George believes that this apocalypse is a “course correction” for earth. This outbreak was necessary for the world to continue. His family is completely cut off from the main land because he believes in having a “strong connection” with the earth.

Meanwhile, Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) discuss the possibility of staying at this location because they are unsure if any place is safe now. Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) grows impatient about staying in the dock for such a long time. Ruben questions if Strand actually owns the boat and the two once again question the trust amongst the group.

Nick, Chris, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) meet George’s two sons, Seth and Harry and their daughter Willa. It appears that George’s family hasn’t been hit hard or directly impacted by the recent outbreak but Seth (the youngest child) understands that if people are “sick” they have to be shot. Even at a young age, the event has already made an impact in his life.

Alicia and Nick both can’t sleep. The two wonder what will happen in the future, that things will never be normal for the children they met. Alicia believes that at least they are being prepared for this world, while Nick questions the fact that something feels off about the new individuals they have met.

Chris and Seth head out for “maintenance” which includes killing walkers that are stuck behind a metal fence which lines the property. Seth has realized that gunfire attracts more walkers and instead he uses an axe to kill them. This family seems to have adapted faster than most in these new apocalyptic conditions. Chris reluctantly joins in and starts to kill the walkers.

Seth explains that his dad taught him how to survive in most conditions and that this is an event that they had been training for. Travis is clearly upset by seeing his son killing the zombies, he remembers that Chris used to mow the lawn, not be comfortable with with an axe.

George and Travis head out to start repairing a fence that lines the property. George has completely adapted to this new environment and explains “that he isn’t giving up, he is mending the fence.”

Nick goes searching through the house and discovers pills, before he has time to acquire them, Willa asks him to go draw. Madison asks Melissa if she was trying to signal their group. Melissa reveals that she has MS and either way will not be surviving, she asks Madison to take Harry and Willa. She understands that George and Seth will never leave the island because they feel protected and in their natural element. Nick believes that the pills are actually poison that George plans on using to kill his entire family.

Madison asks Travis to take the children, “You aren’t taking them Travis, you’re saving them. We can’t keep leaving people behind.” Travis wants to talk to George before making such a radical move. Willa takes one of the pills that Nick discovered. She turns almost instantly killing her mother. The group grabs Harry, the youngest son and he comes on the boat. Madison and Strand fight over the fact that taking on more people is only dead weight. Seth storms the boat with his rifle and demand to have his family member returned. Seth and Harry leave the boat, only to see their mother has become a zombie and is walking towards them. Forcing Seth to shoot his mother.

Even in this remote location, no one is safe.

Fear The Walking Dead is a completely different look into the events that have lead to us meeting our characters in the Walking Dead. Human interactions are different, people are more trusting and the walkers are a massive threat.


Fear The Walking Dead airs on Sunday on AMC.

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