‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: S2E3 Ouroboros

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Last week’s Fear The Walking Dead showed another side to humanity at the start of the zombie apocalypse, a side that was filled with trust and optimism. This is a world far different compared to that of Rick and the group on The Walking Dead.

“Ouroboros” opens with a group of survivors struggling to enter into a lifeboat after what appears to be a plane crash. (For those who watched The Walking Dead, a web series aired during the show and showcased the passengers on this zombie flight. This appears to be the first official crossover into Fear.) The outbreak has already started and one of the victims of the crash was bit by a walker. Alex (Michelle Ang) is trying to save a fellow passenger, it’s quickly that she is forced to realized that not everyone will be able to survive. 

Back with on the ship with our main set of characters, Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) are having difficultly coming to terms to what took place on land and are trying to reconnect with each other after all of this chaos has started around them, pushing them apart in their relationship. The group quickly realizes that the something is blocking in the engine and will not allow the boat to move forward. Someone has to go down and clear the blockage, Travis volunteers, saying that “the boat has to move.” 

Victor (Colman Domingo) and Travis discover that the blockage was a dead body. This will take at least a day, if not more to get the boat moving and back to normal. This panics Victor, saying that this cannot take a day, they don’t have a day. Travis has to dive down under the boat in order to start to rectify the problem. Madison waits anxiously for Travis to surface.

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) are coming to the realization that they have to stay together as a family and that they cannot trust Madison and the others, despite their growing connection to them. 

While the boat is being fixed, Daniel, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) and Nick head to shore after discovering a lot of abandoned luggage has washed up on shore (possibly from the plane crash that took place). They use this opportunity to collect supplies, preparing for a long journey ahead.

Daniel steps into a very protective role, encouraging the children to stay close and stay where he can see them. Daniel stresses that it is bad luck to steal from the dead and they should not be joking about it. Daniel is not fully expecting what has happened to this world, still following a moral code that stood within a pre-zombie filled world. Chris discovered some of the remains of the plane crash and explores, coming across one survivor but is faced with the heartbreaking decision that he knows he cannot save this individual, and smashes his head in, in a brutal and distributing show of emotions.

Nick has a close call with a walker who was stuck in a sand pit, being slowly consumed by sand crabs. This walker earns this week’s most disturbingly gross walker moment.

While looking for Chris, Daniel meets Alex, from the plane crash, running away from a herd of zombies. The herd starts to close in on the group, who for the first time is forced to face a large collective threat. This is a do or die moment and an early battle for our group of survivors. Nick arrives just in time to help fight off the walkers, he is covering in their blood so they go around him. He is completely camouflaged (a trick audiences learned on Walking Dead).

Madison and Victor continue to fight and not trust one another. Madison wants to know if Victor is heading to Mexico. “The real danger on the ocean? It’s people. It’s friends,” says Victor to Madison. Understanding that while the two don’t trust each other but they do need the other in order to survive.

Madison and Travis try to come terms with having to continue on with Victor. It seems as a couple they are drifting further and further apart.

Victor is less than thrilled when he realizes that the group is coming back plus one. The decision is announced that the group will be heading to Mexico where Victor has a compound and a safe location. Alicia cannot handle the fact that Victor wants to turn away someone who is hurt and dying. Travis says that he can tow Alex behind them in their raft, this way she will not come on the boat. While Alicia still isn’t comfortable or pleased with the idea, Madison appears to be realizing what this new world means and that protecting her family will come at a cost.

In this new post-apocalyptic world, trust is more fragile than life itself.

Fear The Walking Dead airs on 9 p.m. on AMC. What do you think of this season so far? Are you enjoying this spin-off series? Comment below and lets chat all things Fear!

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