‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: S2E5 Captive

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Fear The Walking Dead is showing what happens to survivors of the zombie apocalypse during the early stages of the apocalypse and so far our survivors have been learning slowly but surely.

This week’s episode picked up where “Blood in the Streets” left off. Audiences learned more about Strand’s backstory and the new individuals that have taken the boat hostage and now as the boat progresses so do the stories and the tension between our main characters. Apparently, Terminus isn’t the only place of horrific humanity in the apocalypse.

Fear started off showing what the world was like during the early days of the zombie apocalypse, it has now shifted towards the style that made AMC’s original series The Walking Dead so popular, focusing on the characters and the dynamics of this new world and how it impacts them. This line from Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) sums up this new world and its dynamic perfectly, “True men of terror, never say how frightening they are.”

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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