Kevin Feige Hints At 10th Anniversary Of Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige teases how 'Avengers: Infinity War' will fittingly commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios 10 YearsBy the time Avengers: Infinity War opens next year, it will have been just about 10 years since Marvel Studios released Iron Man into theaters. Although Kevin Feige and the rest of the team behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe had high hopes that Iron Man would help launch this franchise into orbit, who would’ve thought that nearly 10 years later that it would be the behemoth that it is now?

It seems fitting that Marvel Studios will be releasing the culmination of the entire MCU 10 years after its inaugural picture. It’s hard to believe that characters such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America were considered B-List heroes within the public consciousness. Flash-forward nearly 10 years, and thanks to Marvel Studios, the Avengers are a cultural phenomenon.

Also, who else would’ve thought that even lesser-known heroes including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange would be having their own films? Marvel Studios have such a successful formula that their well-oiled cinematic machine can continue to create more standalone films (and even television series) that fit well together in a cohesive manner.

And let’s not forget, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has also swung into the universe thanks to an agreement between Sony and Marvel Studios. Now, we can see Marvel’s flagship hero alongside other giants onscreen.

Feige spoke to about what fans can expect in 2018 to commemorate an entire decade of the MCU:

It sort of blows my mind when I think about that. We’ll have 20 films in ten years. We’re now working on how we mark that occasion. How we celebrate it. I have a very fun memory of the tenth anniversary of Star Wars when I as in junior high school. Now Star Wars is 40 and I wonder what Marvel Studios will be in another 30 years. I have no idea. But I know we’re very proud of the last ten years and we want to celebrate that somehow. Infinity War will, frankly, be that celebration.

I won’t be surprised if we end up seeing a special intro for the MCU in 2018, celebrating its first 10 years. After all, with the addition of new heroes into the mix, updating the intro would make perfect sense.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is in theaters now.


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