Felicity Balances Being A Vigilante And A New Love Interest In ‘Arrow’ Season 5


Ever since the end of season two, Felicity’s love interests have been a main focus of Arrow. We’ve seen her with Oliver, Barry, and Ray, and now going into season 5 she will be seeing someone brand new. It was already confirmed that she will have a new boyfriend in season 5, and according to TVLine her story will largely involve balancing her vigilantism and guilt over Havenrock (which was nuked at the end of season 4) with her new love interest. Hey, as long as she’s not with Oliver anymore, I consider that a step in the right direction for the show.

According to TVLine’s Ask Ausiello:

 Yes, Felicity is laser-focused on keeping Team Arrow alive, in some (new) form. But as such, no one can fault her for welcoming, after a “long day,” a shoulder massage at the loft from… well, you’ll see.

It’s also already been confirmed that Felicity will be a main player in getting Oliver’s new team of vigilantes together. And every hacker needs someone to come home to after a long day, right? Let’s just hope her new relationship won’t also turn into a main focus of the show, because honestly, that’s the last thing Arrow needs right now.

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Arrow returns on October 5th at 8 pm only on the CW!

Source: TVLine

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