Felicity Jones Gets Help From ‘Star Wars’ Characters During SNL Monologue

Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Last night, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Felicity Jones took to the stage to host Saturday Night Live, but she didn’t have to go it alone. During her opening monologue, Jones got some help from a few Star Wars friends.

As Felicity Jones expressed feeling nervous about her hosting duties, none other than Saw Gerrera (played here by SNL’s Kenan Thompson) popped in to deliver a very important message. That message, as it turns out, was some important advice from a holographic Tina Fey dressed as a Star Wars princess – an homage to the late Carrie Fisher and her role as Princess Leia.

Sharing some witty banter about the show, its audience, and even the fact it would most likely be commented on by president-elect Trump, Fey wisely told Felicity Jones that she wouldn’t always be the funny one in her sketches. She went on to let Jones know that she had also put a fatal flaw in the system – a reference to Jones’ Rogue One character, Jyn Erso, and her father, Galen Erso (played by Mads Mikkelsen in the film). That flaw? Taking out SNL’s Kenan Thompson would blow up the studio.

The pair went on to wrap up the monologue by being joined on stage by comedian Leslie Jones.

See Felicity Jones’ full SNL monologue below:

Source: Saturday Night Live

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