John Boyega Says Finn Will Be A ‘Big Deal’ In ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

John Boyega has revealed that Finn is finally a big deal in the Resistance when the saga returns this Holiday season with Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

FN-2187 himself, John Boyega, has revealed that Finn is finally a big deal in the Resistance when the Skywalker saga returns this Holiday season with Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In the last installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The First Order deserter passed himself off as a “big deal” in the Resistance to Han Solo (Harrison Ford) when he was scared someone loyal to the First Order would spot him at Maz’s Castle on Takodana but the reality was that he was only a big deal as a traitor to the Empire’s successor.

However, Finn will be known as a bit of a star in the Resistance now that he survived a duel with Darth Vader’s grandson Kylo Ren and helped to destroy Starkiller Base. The actor couldn’t help but be excited as he explained to Entertainment Weekly at Star Wars Celebration Orlando last month that his character will be well known for his involvement in the events at the end of Episode VII:

“The funny thing is, between VII and VIII, Finn’s now a big deal! He is now a big deal. Imagine that – you get taken down by Kylo Ren. Think about what the gossip’s going to be like in the Resistance. ‘Oh, that’s the guy that got slashed down by Kylo? How you doing, guys? How you doing? Yeah, I was there. Then the Falcon picked me up… Oh yeah, I knew Han Solo by the way. We were pretty close.’ All that kind of stuff. They have a fan moment when they see him.”

As for the injury he suffered in his duel with the Knight of Ren, it will take some time before Finn is back in full force. So far, the only bit we’ve seen of Finn in Episode VIII has been inside of him inside a bacta suit but thanks to a set photo shared by director Rian Johnson, we know Finn will be back in the mix for the next act in the adventure. Boyega explained that the injury is going to keep him down at first but assured that his character is going to bring it once he’s back up and at it:

“It’s a grounding injury. It’s going to take him some time to get back on the ball. But when he does… oh, he does.”

Boyega went on to shed some light on how exactly the energy from the Kyber crystal effects one’s body within the Star Wars universe explaining the complexities of the injury:

“Once it’s in, it continues to burn the skin and the cells. It’s not a piece of flame that whacks your body. It’s not something that works like a stab wound. It’s really brutal,” the actor says.

Boyega also shed some light on his role in the plot, confirming that Finn will indeed go on a mission along with franchise newcomer Kelly Marie Tran who plays Rose Tico, a maintenance worker in the Resistance who gets swept up in the adventure:

“It’s Finn and Rose, they’re on a massive adventure. It’s a big mission they need to complete. The Resistance is under immense pressure, and it’s time for them to get a bit of help. That’s where Finn and Rose come in, and they’re thrust into a crazy adventure.”

The film stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, Kelly Marie Tran and Andy Serkis.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15, 2017.

You can watch the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi here and stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the future of the Star Wars franchise as we learn it.

Source: EW

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