Finn Jones Urges Fans To Watch ‘Iron Fist’ Before Passing Judgement


Since Game of Thrones‘ actor Finn Jones was cast as Danny Rand/Iron Fist in the Marvel/Netflix program, Iron Fist, the internet has not been too kind to the actor and the show. Many fans of the character opted for an Asian-American to portray Iron Fist, instead of another Caucasian lead in a Marvel program. However, Marvel decided to cast Jones, and that is that. Because of this, fans continuously disregard the show for being about another white character. sat down with the actor to discuss the show’s reception so far, and how fans have been treating it. Jones stated:

“What I would say to that is, people should wait, and watch the show before they pass judgment. We’re working with Netflix and Marvel, two of the most leading entertainment companies in the world right now. They know exactly what they’re doing.”

The actor then discussed the character’s origins in the 1970s, a time where martial arts became incredibly popular; we are looking at you, The Karate Kid.

“The comic books were written in the ’70s. 1970s was a very different world to 2016, and we’re going to reflect that. We have an incredibly diverse cast; incredibly talented. What I would say to that is, wait until you’ve seen the show, and then pass judgment, before you make comment, because people will be very, very, very pleasantly surprised with what we’re doing in the show.”

With the success of Marvel’s Luke Cage, a program featuring an African-American lead, and the soon to be released Black Panther, which is the first superhero film to feature an all-black cast, it seems as if Marvel are on the right track regarding diversifying their medium.

The actor then moved his attention to the fighting of the show, and how he had to train to become the Iron Fist:

“There’s Kung Fu, wushu, dragon, tiger, monkey; there’s so many different forms of martial arts that we’re approaching it. It takes a martial artist a lifetime to learn this stuff, and I’ve had a month. It’s been really intense, but really fun. The way I approach it is, it’s like learning a dance routine. You learn the steps, you get that in your mind and your body, you learn the choreography, and then you add acting on top of it, and all that development, and then you turn up on the day and you just kick ass.”

Jones then discussed the risks the fighting on the show involved:

“I’ve been lucky, actually. I haven’t been hurt. I put that down to great stunt choreography, good safety measures put in place, and people just knowing what they’re doing, and delivering. I’m fine. I’m still alive. I’m still there. My bones are in order.”


But what do you guys think? Do you care if Iron Fist is being portrayed by Finn Jones? Are you excited to see the character finally grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Iron Fist hits Netflix on March 17, 2017.


Roby D'Ottavi

Roby D'Ottavi

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    Yep, when actors start begging people to watch their product, that’s not a good sign.

    • Chris Schroeder

      I agree begging people to watch a show is in bad taste.. but also aren’t the people begging them to make danny rand asian just as wrong?

      • SAMURAI36

        The viewers don’t have the burden of making shows good, the studios do. I can say that I want X-actor to play X-role all I want, but if I don’t get what I want, and I don’t like what I get, then I’m (the viewer) the one holding the power. They can’t force us to watch it.

        Just ask the people behind Gods of Egypt.

        • Chris Schroeder

          No I totally agree with the viewers are the ones paying to watch it so their voice is kind of important, and I agree with the God’s of Egypt white wash trash movie. What I was referring to is I don’t get them petitioning to change a character’s race. Like getting out the gate, just let Marvel do the character the way it was written.

          These movies and films are getting the word spread and the titles known. I’m sure a few years from now we’ll have Adameus Cho as the Hulk, Miles Morales as Spiderman, and all of the rest of the constantly rotating cast/characters. I just hate people complaining before even watching it, you know?

          • SAMURAI36

            Eh, I guess.

            But this statement on the part of the actor rings alot louder than that to me. It puts me in the mind of how Clark Gregg was calling viewers “losers” for complaining that AoShit didn’t have any of the major heroes on the show.

            This Iron Fish situation is just a more passive aggressive version of that, IMO. Marvel has been known to make these kinds of statements.

          • Chris Schroeder

            I must have missed where he said that. I was totally prepared for a ground level show with AOS, and not seeing heroes and whatnot while they actually do SHIELD/spy missions… then SHIELD fell apart and they’re all over the place. At least Ghost Rider has been halfway decent, definitely better than I assumed.

            I’m just going to hold off any judgement till it comes out. It’ll be the first of any of the series with powers we can see, special effects wise, so I”m curious how it’ll translate on screen

          • SAMURAI36
    • AlphaBlu

      What begging?

      • SAMURAI36

        “Give it a chance” is begging.

        • Axxell

          That’s exactly what Ben Affleck and Co. said about BvS, so I guess you should know…

  • AlphaBlu

    “What I would say to that is, people should wait, and watch the show before they pass judgment.”

    So far the judgement I’ve seen has been overwhelmingly positive. Should we be saying the opposite?

    • SAMURAI36

      If it was “overwhelmingly positive”, then he wouldn’t have had to say that, now would he?

  • KnightSecular_

    F*ck pc white knights, ddanny rand is white with blonde hair, good on marvel for not giving into pieces of sh!ts that dont know what makes a good story and a faithful adaptation. Equality means everyone and there isnt a race problem unless your looking for it.

    gtfo out and just see that its based on established material and f*ck your feelings regarding something that doesnt even exist.

    you got luke cage and plenty of other great characters so stfu.

    • SAMURAI36

      LMAO, “you got your Luke Cage”…

      I’ll take “racist things Donald Trump would say” for 500, Alex.

    • SAMURAI36


      good on marvel for not giving into pieces of sh!ts that dont know what makes a good story and a faithful adaptation.

      Uhhhmmm…. You know Marvel is not making a “faithful adaptation of this, right?

      But never mind, carry on with the Donald Trump impersonation.

    • You should comment less. Also, blocked.

    • Bruce Norris

      Wow. They can post that?!…I post all over HH yesterday (nothing like this) and get my stuff removed? Wow. Just, Wow.

  • Travis Lindsay

    As a minority (Asian-American at that), I’m all for representation and diversity, but this write-up seems to be stoking the flames of an unnecessary fire. Nowhere does the author point out the fact that Danny Rand’s a white male, so it reads like yet another minority character was whitewashed when that wasn’t the case. It all smacks of click and race baiting. Honestly, had an Asian been cast as Danny, I would’ve been less interested because I don’t like to be pandered to.

    • DefJ123

      Thank you! Best comment I’ve seen in similar articles in ages!

  • Axxell

    I’m on the side that wanted an asian lead for once in Marvel, but I’m ok with giving the show a chance considering it follows the source material in that regard. It’s one of those things that would’ve been nice to have, but not make or break.

    Casting the Mandarin as a white guy is the one I still can’t forgive Marvel for.

  • Peter James

    >>>>”With the success of Marvel’s Luke Cage, a program featuring an African-American lead, and the soon to be released Black Panther, which is the first superhero film to feature an all-black cast, it seems as if Marvel are on the right track regarding diversifying their medium.”

    That’s not diversifying.

    That’s balkanising* (or ghettoising).
    (*from the “Balkans”).

    You group all the minorities in their own little groups (balkans or ghettos) and they don’t have to intermingle with the larger mainstream, and then you get to claim you’re “diversifying” (When you really aren’t) so you can have your cake and eat it too.

    All the black characters and actors in one movie.
    All the Asian-Americans and Asian characters(if they ever get one) in one movie.
    And little to almost none in the main (read :white) movies.

    It’s essentially the crux of the B.E.T. (or Telemundo) argument that bigoted people use to justify not having more minorities or blacks in more popular network show.

    “Well you have BET, so you can’t complain about there not being enough black actors or actresses on TV.
    Lots of black actors and actress on BET (and almost nowhere else).
    See? Diversity!”

    • Matias Gagliardone

      Luke Cage will actually be in the Defenders and Black Panther will probably be in Infinity War so they are not separating them in different groups

  • Bar Shamrich

    i dont understand why change the character ethnicity for the sake of diversity?
    if he is white in the source material then he should stay white.
    the thing that bugs me is that being white is actually kinda important to iron fist
    it’s a story of a foreign outsider he becomes kun lun champion making him asian is like making the kid in karate kid asian it makes no sense.

  • MrCastaigne

    Could it be all these people allegedly calling for an Asian lead are doing so mostly because the broadcast will feature martial arts and as we know if you are Asian you therefore must be good at martial arts.

  • DefJ123

    The only people disregarding the show because of Finn Jones casting are people who obviously know nothing of Iron Fist.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    I was one in favor of Asian American in the role. But I will wait to see what happens. The teaser was… okay. But I know some of Marvels greatest work had weak 1st couple of trailers.

  • Matias Gagliardone

    I don’t get why people complain about Iron Fist not being Asian he is white in the comics. Even though I would love to see more Asian heroes I don’t think changing a character’s ethnicity is the answer, instead of asking for Iron Fist to be Asian why don’t people ask for a Shang-Chi series, now that’s something I would like to see