Marvel Debuts First Spellbinding Trailer For ‘Doctor Strange’

Doctor Strange HeaderBenedict Cumberbatch stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight and he definitely didn’t come empty handed. The actor brought something that we’ve all been patiently waiting all week for. By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth it was the very first trailer for the Scott Derrickson directed Doctor Strange! Wait, you already knew that? Damn it. Let’s move on then.

Saying that this film looks amazing? Well, that just might just be a bit of an understatement and I cannot wait to see these visuals on the big screen. Here’s hoping that it’s attached to The Jungle Book and I don’t have to wait until the first weekend of May for that to happen. But don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer yourself and take a magical trip to a new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe below.

Doctor Strange

In Doctor Strange, famous neurosurgeon Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) suffers career-ending injuries in a devastating car crash. Seeking help in the furthest reaches of the world, Strange uncovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions!

Doctor Strange is set to hit theaters on November 4, 2016.

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Kelly

    Nice! But didn’t Christopher Nolan already direct these movies (Batman Begins, Inception)

    • Jimmi

      I swear I had the same vibe when I watched the trailer…I was like, “Wait, haven’t I seen this kind of stuff from Nolan before”, but I’m still pretty excited to see it regardless

      • Kelly

        This looks more like dimension hopping than actual magic. And I mean magic like what Enchantress seems to be doing in Suicide Squad.

        • Jimmi

          I think they might show some actual magic in their second trailer, because this seemed to be like some sort of an introduction to Dr. Strange and how he came to be, in like 2 minutes.

        • Chris W

          Dr Strange goes to other dimensions all the time.

    • Marquis de Sade

      Actually, I’m pretty much certain that Nolan drew his inspiration for Inception from Alex Proyas DARK CITY, who in turn got his from MC ESCHER.

  • Paul Newman
  • Monty

    Oh… Oh no….. this is not OK. Luckily, they have plenty of time to do some original special effects.

  • Chris W

    Take me to the Ditko dimension.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Everytime Marvel drops a trailer, a WB exec snorts a line of cocaine off a hooker and cries.

    • Hinscher

      You DC haters part of some club that gives you all the power button avatar?

      • B. Rigsby

        If he’d do it, DC should bring in Joss Whedon to oversee their cinematic universe. Snyder is talented but could use some guidance. His films can be self-indulgent without it. I like his visual style. He’s a talented film-maker and can pull off some good films for DC but Whedon could bring that something extra that Marvel has perfected. Having said that, I’m a DC guy and I was happy with BvS but there’s obviously room for improvement. I think Whedon would embrace that challenge.

        • JMMagwood

          Yikes. After “Age of Ultron,” no thanks. I can’t imagine a better overseer for the whole DCEU venture, assuming it needs one, than Paul Dini.

      • SonOfKrpton

        Makes them feel special. Sad, considering most of these people had never even heard of almost all heroes of MCU before the movies came out.

        Meanwhile, most of them still haven’t read comics their whole life. Most of them still think Ultron was created by Tony Stark and Mandarin is Guy Pearce or whatever.

      • Carl

        I’d feel a bit beaten if I was WB and saw this trailer. Suicide Squad’s new trailer was really cool but this one was something really special.

      • JMMagwood

        These clowns are trolls, pure and simple. Best to be ignored. They aren’t really even fans of what they’re touting. The worst part is, they’re not even clever.

        Decent trailer, but I’m definitely not blown away.

  • SDE456


  • Splinter76


  • unpaidpundit

    I don’t think we can accuse Marvel of giving too much away with this trailer. What I find most interesting about this trailer is that we get to see Dr. Strange’s astral projection.

  • Carl

    Incredible trailer! My anticipation for this movie has just skyrocketed.

  • S.W.

    Oh I get it: Batman Begins meets The Matrix meets Inception meets The Last Airbender. Ahhhhhhh, okay.