First Look At “Crimson Fox” On The Set Of DC’s & NBC’s ‘Powerless’

DC is at it again, and this time their moving forward with a “workplace comedy” called ‘Powerless.’ The half-hour single-camera comedy from Ben Queen had landed at NBC with a pilot production order, and now thanks to their filming we have our first look at a not so well known DC character cameo.

When production was first revealed, they mentioned a DC Hero cameo that would surprise fans. Fans quickly began to speculate which hero we would be seeing, but when the script leaked fans then realized it was actually one of DC’s more obscure and unknown characters “Crimson Fox.”

The set photos come to us via twitter, and showcase a version of Crimson Fox that is more reminiscent of Raven from Teen Titans than her comic book version (as seen above). The above shots seem to show the character catching something mid-fall, (which will probably end up being a car or something along those lines). In the comics, had superhuman speed and agility and could emit pheromones that could stimulate intense sexual attraction in men, but it seems that they removed all of that and simply opted for a strength-based powered appearance.

The project reportedly evokes NBC’s signature comedy series The Office, but instead of it being a paper company its superheroes. Powerless is a workplace comedy set at one of the worst insurance companies in America, with the twist being its also set in the world of DC Comics and these insurance adjusters have to deal with collateral from Super-powered characters.

While at first the show doesn’t seem like much, it has been revealed that NBC has officially cast Vanessa Hudgens in a lead role, and despite her Disney Channel history the young actress has proven in recent years that she can indeed act.

NBC’s ‘Powerless’ is currently filming and is expected to debut this fall.

Source: Twitter

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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