‘Hot Rod’ Will Join The Autobots In ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’; First Look Revealed

Hot Rod TF TLK

A character that many fans have been waiting for will finally be joining Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots on the big screen next summer. The official Transformers Twitter account has revealed the very first look at Hot Rod from the upcoming fifth installment in the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight. The character first appeared in the Marvel’s Transformers comics before joining the animated series in 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie where he became the leader of the Autobots following the death of Optimus Prime.

The character description provided for the character in the upcoming film describes him as a “brash and slightly arrogant” protector who is Bumblebee’s “brother-in-arms”. I have no problem admitting that I’m a huge fan of the Transformers film franchise and this latest character addition has just raised my personal excitement for this next film. Could ‘Rodimus Prime’ be in store for the franchise’s future? Do you have any ideas regarding what kind of car he might transform into? Let us know what you think about this newest addition to the Autobot roster in the comments section below.


Transformers: The Last Knight is set to transform and roll out into theaters on June 23, 2017.

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Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Carl

    Can this series just end so we can reboot it and get simpler, more gen 1 looking Transformers?

    • Dime

      No. It can’t BECAUSE THIS IS NOT GEN 1. You damn babies crying all the time about this is old as crap. Generation 1 is over. You will never be able to redo it.

      • Carl

        So you want garbage looking Transformers and more bad movies…

        • Dime

          The movies are good for what they are. I don’t look at them as G1, I look at them as a new gen of what I grew up loving. A new take. If people would get it out of their head that Transformers should be G1 or nothing, they might just enjoy the films. Plus a few billion made from the films, looks like someone likes them.

  • timbojill

    I hope he looks different in the movie.

  • flavortang

    That doesn’t look at all like the Hot Rod I remember.

  • Chris W

    It’s really lacking colour.

  • Sony Manny Chacha

    Woowww Hot Rod is a modified Lamborghini Centenario?? I thought they would go with an actual Hot Rod style car instead lolll.

  • Sony Manny Chacha

    The car is a Lamborghini Centenario…

  • BankaiBullett

    No Red – Check
    No flames – Check
    No Hot Rod – Check

    Are we sure this is who they say it is? Because I’m not sure…