‘The Flash’: Grant Gustin & Showrunner Tease ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ Plans

The Flash Season 5 Suit 100th Episode Grant Gustin Crisis On Infinite Earths

One of the most beloved comic book stories not just for The Flash but all of modern DC Comics is Crisis On Infinite Earths. This particular storyline has been teased throughout The CW’s The Flash over the course of all five seasons.

Eventually, all of the nods to Crisis on Infinite Earths have to be fully realized in the narrative of the series, and when asked about knowledge on the future, showrunner Todd Helbing confirmed that he already knows how The Flash will deal with the famous story:

“Yeah. But that’s all I can say… Greg [Berlanti] really has a sort of master plan of things, and I’m really excited about how it’s going to pay off.”

Grant Gustin is quite excited by the implications of Crisis on Infinite Earths: 

“It is really fulfilling. I hope we can stick around long enough to see what’s going on with that newspaper article. We’d have to make it four more seasons, five more seasons. It’s cool, though. It feels like it’s earned. Me and Stephen had that conversation a lot during the crossover, actually. There’s a lot of even just comedic moments that we have that are funny because they’re earned — because of the history of the characters and the journey they’ve been on. It is one of the best parts of doing these as a series versus a film — people have been with us. I’ve met kids who have gone through all of high school watching this show. To have that kind of stamp on people’s lives is pretty special.”

Are you excited to see how The Flash eventually brings the story of Crisis on Infiinite Earths to life? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to continue following Heroic Hollywood for all the latest news in the Arrowverse.

Here is the synopsis for the next episode of The Flash: 

THANKSGIVING – While Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) grapples with unresolved anger over her father’s disappearance in the future, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash must stop a powerful new meta, Weather Witch (guest star Reina Hardesty), from killing her own father, Weather Wizard (guest star Liam Mcintyre). Sarah Boyd directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza (#507).

The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon / Vibe, Tom Cavanagh as Harrison “Sherloque” Wells, Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton, Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny / Elongated Man, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West-Allen, and Chris Klein as Cicada.

The Flash airs on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

Source: comicbook.com

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