‘The Flash’: Danielle Panabaker On Killer Frost’s Killer New Look

The Flash star Danielle Panabaker on her character Caitlin Snow's transformation into Killer Frost and her killer new look.

The Flash Killer Frost

This season on The Flash, Caitlin Snow has finally gone full Killer Frost and with that exciting new villainous persona comes a brand new costume.

In an interview with TVLine, Danielle Panabaker spoke a bit about her character’s killer new look. While the Earth-Two version of Killer Frost that we first met in Season 2 wore leather pants and a jacket, Panabaker says, “so this is pretty different with the skirts and stuff.”

“This is our post-Flashpoint Caitlin Snow with powers, who’s become evil and turned into Killer Frost,” she says, adding that she “benefited from two-and-a-half years of watching other people have super suits.”

This informed the costume design based on both her needs as an actress and the character’s look from the comics:

“In the research that I did about Killer Frost, she always wore boots, which was something that I was really pulling for. And I know some of our producers really loved this long cape version [of the character], which is great and feels very villainous. I love the sleeves on it because a lot of Killer Frost’s action is with her hands, and hopefully the light will really catch all the different details on that.”

The actress also spoke a bit about next week’s episode, “I Know Who You Are” (an episode that Jesse L. Martin teased will see a character’s death):

“It’s a real test of Killer Frost’s abilities, and her devotion — how badly she wants to be a part of the dark side as they all sort of duke it out.”

Finally, Panabaker spoke about how much she’s been looking forward to playing this version of Caitlin Snow:

“Obviously, I was hired to play the very sweet scientist, but I’ve been super-excited about playing Killer Frost ever since I signed onto the show. It’s something that I really wanted. It’s a great way for people to see that this cast is capable of pulling off multiple characters.”

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Source: TVLine