Rick Famuyiwa Meets ‘The Flash’ & ‘Cyborg’

After Seth Grahame-Smith departed from DC’s big screen adaptation of The Flash, set to star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, Warner Bros. found their new director in Dope helmer, Rick Famuyiwa. With the type of directorial energy he showcased in that film, his sensibilities would work perfectly for the Flash’s solo film.

Famuyiwa has been very active on social media, even sharing some of his excitement with many fans through photos he has shared – showing that he has been doing his homework. And just to add even more fuel to the fire, Famuyiwa is currently in London (where a certain film is currently in production). He shared on his Instagram account that he has run into certain JLA members.


There you go. We have Rick Famuyiwa running into Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher (Cyborg). It has been heavily rumored that the upcoming Flash film would be a buddy-film with Barry Allen and Victor Stone. Let’s hope that we see an indication on Miller and Fisher’s chemistry when we see Justice League next year. I have nothing but sheer excitement just seeing Famuyiwa’s enthusiasm for the project and even with this picture of him with Barry Allen and Victor Stone themselves, I think the possibility of a buddy film seems more probable.

What are you most excited to see in The Flash movie? Do you want it to be a Flash/Cyborg buddy film? What other characters do you think will be featured? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Instagram

Noah Villaverde

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