‘The Flash’: Grant Gustin On Revisiting Speed Force & WestAllen

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The Flash had a turning point in last week’s “The Wrath of Savitar,” with Savitar being released from the speed force and Wally taking his place. This week, it’s Barry who will have to go “Into the Speed Force” to find Wally and bring him back.

In a recent interview with TVLine, The Flash star Grant Gustin discussed what Barry’s experience will be like this time around. The last time he visited the speed force, it was by accident and he was confronted with some harsh truths from speed force versions of his mother, father, Iris and Joe. This time around, Barry will have run-ins with Leonard Snart, Eddie Thawne, and Ronnie Raymond.

Because we did it last year, I think Barry went in knowing what to expect, more or less — but then it is not the same experience. But it’s harder on Wally, actually, and that’s why Barry goes in to get him. Wally is being put through emotional turmoil that only Barry can understand. They manipulate Barry a bit differently than they did last year. [Eddie and the others] are ultimately trying to help him, even if it means teaching him a lesson in a very tough way, or throwing him a bone.

Aside from dealing with entering new territory and saving Wally, Barry also has to contend with the outcome of his proposal to Iris, which was done to try and save her from the future and not out of simple love.

Gustin shares that he enjoyed the proposal and seemed frustrated when the very next episode ruined that.

I actually liked the proposal! I thought it was really pretty. It was hard to be like, ‘Annnnnd this is where we’re going next with the storyline.’ I was like, ‘We just did the proposal and it was great!

Regardless, Gustin still has hope that everything will work out, but that Barry and Iris will have to deal with how the future is affecting them.

Initially, it’s kind of weird. We don’t exactly know what we’re doing. Barry is going to go stay with Cisco, while we try to figure things out. Barry is trying to stay focused on stopping Savitar, stopping this destiny that he refuses to accept. And to to do that, he needs to be on his own.

I’m still in the firm belief that Barry will propose to Iris again before the season is over.
Grant Gustin thinks that the couple has to re-center themselves first.

The circumstances don’t even need to change. There’s a lot going on right now that is literally life-or-death, and I think that is clouding everything and getting in the way of their relationship. All of the relationships are kind of in a weird place right now, just because everyone is scared. I think [Barry and Iris] just need to find some clarity. They need to trust their love, and be brave enough to believe in the relationship.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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