‘The Flash’: Kiersey Clemons On Deleted ‘Justice League’ Scene

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Kiersey Clemons filmed a deleted scene as Iris West for Justice League and reveals that it would have involved – what else – The Flash saving her!

Kiersey Clemons ill-fated turn as Iris West is the stuff of Worlds of DC Legend. Among all the strife and turmoil the brand has faced, the franchise has had to deal with a revolving door of thespians and overseers constantly coming and going. And one of those names that many fans were sad to see put on hold was Kiersey Clemons.

Clemons was slated to play Iris West in a then planned Flash movie and even filmed an ultimately deleted scene for Justice League. Ever since news broke that her scene would be removed after Joss Whedon took the director’s chair after Zack Snyder’s tragic exit – we have always wondered what her scene entailed. Clemons revealed in an interview with W Magazine that her scene involved her falling out of a building and Ezra Miller’s, The Flash, would have saved her. She then went on to comment on the actual process of filming the scene and the sensation of being on a harness to film the scene:

“I was on this harness thing and Ezra was catching me mid-air, and it was all the ways that you kind of imagine filming a movie like that to be…It was all very, like, ‘Whoa, I’m at a theme park.’”

Yep, that sounds about right for a falling out of something style scene from a cape and cowl movie. Sadly, we never got to see Clemons as Iris but there’s still hope. There is seemingly DC movie news breaking every day and we may still see a Flash movie yet!

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Source: W Magazine

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