‘The Flash’ & ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Hit Series Low Ratings

Flash Legends
Could the CW superhero monopoly be collapsing? For some reason or another, viewers have stopped tuning into Flash and Legends of Tomorrow specifically this season. After dropping 18% in the 18-49 demographic compared to Season 2, The Flash has now reached the 0.9 rating with 2.49 million viewers in that demo, marking a season and series low. Similarly, Legends of Tomorrow dropped a whole tenth of a point from last week, coming to a 0.5 rating and 1.55 million viewers, which is also a series low. Arrow hit its own series low just a few weeks ago as well.

Although both of these numbers sound pretty bad (and they would be on another network), The Flash is still the highest rated show on the CW, and Legends is still tied in third with Arrow. Unfortunately, each DC show is undergoing massive year to year loss in viewers. Supergirl, which is in second place at the moment, is suffering from an astounding 53% drop from last season. However, the series started out on CBS where there are many more viewers anyway. Still, Flash is dropping 20% season to season and Arrow is dropping 29%. Legends is curiously actually doing the best in these terms with only a 17% drop from last season.

Thankfully neither show is in a danger of cancelling since, as I said earlier, they are still the top shows on the CW. If you are a fan of the CW DC shows, be sure to show your support. We wouldn’t want another Constantine fiasco on our hands.

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Source: Screener and TV Series Finale

William Outlaw

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  • Seb

    Not surprising, people are getting bored of Flash having to go even faster to defeat the evil speedster season villain for the third time in a row.

  • Norm the Skull

    These shows and movies are only as good as there villains, Crappy Villain = Crappy show. Best example is Arrow. Worse Villain = Worse season yet

    • Actually, Arrow Season 4 was terrible despite Damien Dahrk being a pretty cool villain. And this season of Arrow is the best the show has been in years, not that I care about Prometheus at all.

  • Maxi Iroh

    16 or 13 episodes season with not one actor as regular coming soon, it could make the shows way better.

  • Jacob McMillan

    Flash is just god awful this season

    • Mathew Kigen