‘The Flash’ Producers Talk New Villains, Lighter Tone



As much as I love CW’s ‘The Flash’, even I’m getting a little tired of Barry going up against speedsters. It doesn’t seem like there’s much more that can be done other than “He’s faster than me, I have to get faster!” So when I heard Savitar, a Mark Waid creation and another speedster, would be one of Season 3’s Big Bads, I was very hesitant. But according to the people behind the show, Savitar will have more up his sleeve than just being another person for Barry to outrace.

In an interview with TV Line, Aaron and Todd Helbing, a sibling screenwriting team and executive producers on ‘The Flash‘, talked about the upcoming season and the obstacles the Scarlet Speedster will be facing. According to Aaron, “[Season 3] is more about psychological warfare.” To elaborate on that, Todd compares Savitar to past ‘Flash’ baddies. “Everything about [Savitar] is different than Zoom or Reverse-Flash,” he says. “I can’t go into too much detail, but he’s quite a bit different.” In the comics, Savitar was originally a Cold War pilot whose plane was struck by lightning, granting him super speed powers (as lightning tends to do in Flash mythos). Becoming obsessed with the speed force, he becomes a supervillain and names himself Savitar, after Savitr, the Hindu God of Motion. Not too much to majorly differentiate him from past villainous speedsters, but I trust this team will have an interesting take on the character.

On top of Savitar, Barry will have to deal with Doctor Alchemy, voiced by Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell. There have been many characters in the comics to take on the “Doctor Alchemy” mantle, but most of them have involved the use of chemistry and transmutation. Todd Helbing talked about the addition of Alchemy, and how Barry having to juggle two big bads in one season lends itself to a fresh, new dynamic.

“[We’re] trying to have the powers that they both possess play off of each other. It’s not just, ‘Oh, I have to catch this guy and take him down.’ It’s like, ‘Crap, now there’s this other guy, Dr. Alchemy,’ who has these transmutation qualities [via] this Philosopher’s Stone. You start to learn what he does with this stuff and how the both of them are coexisting. “Just when I think I’ve taken down this guy, I’ve got this [other] dude to worry about,” and vice versa. It’s like flanking.”

Clearly, Barry’s going to have a lot to go up against this season. But thankfully, it sounds like the show creators don’t want to revel in doom and gloom again. Season 2 saw Barry go to some incredibly dark places, and while it made for some engaging drama, it felt like a bit of a bummer after the optimistic high of Season 1. But for Season 3, Todd Helbing said they’re aiming to recapture the tone and feel of that first season.

“[Season 2’s] last 5 [or] 6 episodes were pretty dark. Zoom, in general, was dark. It even got darker than we probably anticipated. So we’re making a conscious effort to go back more toward the tone of Season 1.”

‘The Flash’ returns to the CW on Tuesday, October 4th.

Source: TV Line

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