‘The Flash’ Recap: S2E19 “Back To Normal”

The Flash returned this week following last weeks shocking twist, audiences find themselves witnessing their favorite scarlet speedster lament about being a normal person, and dealing with all the problems that come with it.

This week seemed to be a roller coaster of content. It started with Barry dealing with his new found normalcy, touching base on Earth-2 where we saw Caitlin dealing with her new life as a captive of Zoom, and eventually we finally saw the return of Jesse Quick as her father Harrison Wells finally located his daughter in another attempt to protect her. It wasn’t until this interaction that the story finally kicked into gear as saw the debut of  Griffin Grey, a meta-human with super strength but the side effect of rapid aging who blames Wells for his condition. Following Wells kidnapping, the heroes make a valiant effort to save him, resulting in Wells and Jesse finally making amends upon his safe return.

Instead of our usual play by play of the entire episode, Heroic Hollywood is now going to simply recap our top 5 moments from the episode.

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Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine is a Veteran to online entertainment journalism who has been covering television and movies since 2005. Follow him on twitter via @taylorlandine

  • Vegas82

    Zoom running through Caitlyn was insane. Barry needs to get back to zooping asap though.

  • GL82Kyle

    Ok seriously, why do i have to click through a bunch of pages for a simple recap? I get it for a “top 5 things” blog (though you should still have an option to see them all on one page) but changing your recaps to this method SCREAMS desperation for clicks. Look at last week’s Shield recap this site posted. That’s how a recap should be.

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