‘The Flash’ Recap: S2E21 “The Runaway Dinosaur”

This week’s episode of The Flash can be considered one of its absolute best. “The Runaway Dinosaur” wasn’t your typical “villain of the week” outing, nor was it heavy on Zoom development, but it was monumental for our hero.

As with all recaps, heavy spoilers ahead.

This week picked up right where the last episode left off, with our team in shock, our hero missing, and emotions running high. The team has realized Barry is gone, but when they check to see if everyone is ok, they find that Wally and Jesse have been knocked unconscious due to the blast that claimed Barry. As Iris calls to get Henry’s help with them, Cisco touches Barry’s costume and vibes that he is still alive.

Consumed by the speed force, Barry is now trapped within it. Within the speed force, Barry wakes up in his childhood bedroom to the sound of a sonic boom.As he explores his home, he finds Joe downstairs, and discovers that this entire world is a fabrication of the speed force. The power that granted him he speed needs to teach the hero a lesson. As Barry explores this world, he is faced with familiar faces, and told that he needs to not only catch a mysterious shadow that is running at speeds he can no longer reach, but also come to terms with the loss of his mother.

Back in the real world, our heroes discover that Girder has awoken as a zombie due to the shock-wave caused by the blast, and while the team is busy trying to discover why Jesse wont wake up as easily as Wally did, they now have a crazed Meta-Human on the run trying to hunt down Iris.

Back within the speed force, Barry is confronted with a projection of his mother, where they share a beautiful heart to heart moment that he has never been able to experience. He comes to terms with the loss he had experienced, and once he does, the shadow appears before him and reveals itself to be a personification of The Flash, and merges with him… granting him his powers.

With the help of Cisco, Iris acts like an anchor to pull Barry back into the world just in time to save them from Girder. Shortly after Barry saves the day, he shares a heart to heart with Irisat his mothers grave. The episode closes with Zoom, now having completely taken over the CCPD headquarters, has amassed an army of Meta-Humans from Earth-2 and he plans on striking the city and take over the world.


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