‘The Flash’ Recap: S2E23 “The Race of His Life”

Here it is, this week’s episode of The Flash has been the moment we have all be waiting for, The Flash vs Zoom.  With “The Race of His Life” picking up immediately where the last episode left off, the episode wasted no time at all jumping right into the thick of it.

As with all recaps, heavy spoilers ahead.

The episode opens immediately where last week left off, Zoom has killed Henry Allen. As Zoom begins to monologue, Barry rushes after him in a violent rage, ready to kill him. They run, they fight, and Barry wins. Vibrating his hand, Barry is ready to kill Zoom. Zoom screams “end me!” but this causes Barry to hesitate, and another Zoom comes in and kills the Zoom that Barry has defeated. Zoom looks at Barry, tells him he’s “almost ready” and speeds away.

Following Henry’s funeral, Barry is convinced he needs to kill Zoom for what he had done, he declares that he had just found peace for his mother’s passing, and now Zoom has destroyed everything else. Interrupting the wake, Zoom appears and tells Barry that he demands that they race to see who is the fastest. If Barry wins, Zoom will leave, if he says no, Zoom will kill everyone else that Barry loves.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team discovered that Zoom has stolen a magnate from Mercury Labs and he wants to use the race as a means to power the device and destroy Earth-2, which Cisco reveals is what he saw in his vibe vision last week. Unable to convince Barry to change his mind, Wells and Joe capture Barry and lock him up in the pipeline so they can attempt to stop Zoom themselves.

With Caitlin acting as a distraction, the team attempts to ambush Zoom but fail and wind up getting Joe taken by Zoom to Earth-2. In Zoom’s Lair, Joe discovers that Zoom had captured the real Jay Garrick from Earth-3, and had used him as inspiration to create a time remnant hero to fight. Zoom reveals that he had traveled to other worlds in an attempt to take the speed of others, but discovered that the Time Wraiths were being sent to kill him for his actions.

The team unable to figure out what to do next, Wally releases Barry from the pipeline and Barry convinces Cisco to allow him to vibe a message to Zoom. Barry accepts his challenge on the condition that he releases Joe. They meet at an industrial park, with the giant magnate set up in distance awaiting their speed to power it. Zoom reveals that he wants to use the device to destroy the entire multiverse, with the exception of the world they are on (which he plans to rule). The two begin to race, and Barry creates his own time remnant to destroy the magnate while Barry attacks Zoom straight on. Barry defeats Zoom while his time remnant is dissolved by the destruction of the magnate, but instead of Barry killing Zoom, he leaves him to be devoured by the time wraiths that appeared during the race.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team helps the man in the iron mask remove his mask, only to discover that Jay Garrick is none other than Henry Allen’s Earth-3 doppelgänger.

Jay suits up, with this speed returning now that the mask has been removed, and tells everyone that he needs to find his way home. Wells decides that it is time that he returns to Earth-2 and tells Jay that he can assist him with returning to his world, Wells, Jesse, and Jay pass through a breach that leads them all to Earth-2.

Back at home, everyone is celebrating the victory over Zoom but Barry is still heartbroken from the loss of his father. He departs to the porch, where he and Iris share a moment where she confesses her love to him and tells him that she will wait for him to be ready. She heads back inside, and as Barry looks into the window, he says saying “That’s why I’m so sorry, but I have to do this,” and he runs back in time to the moment the Reverse-Flash was attempting to kill his mother. He stops him and prevents his mother from being killed , telling her not to worry; shes safe now.

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