Aaron Helbing Talks Season Three Of ‘The Flash’ & Flashpoint

The Flash is returning to the CW this Tuesday and fans will be able to see how the events of the second season finale will impact the series going forward. It has already been reported that season three will feature a take on the “Flashpoint” storyline from the DC Comics.

Executive producer Aaron Helbing spoke with Empire Magazine about the upcoming season of The Flash on The CW and the other DCTV shows.

He first addressed the fact that while the “Flashpoint” storyline is driven by creativity and playing with events, it’s also very complicated for the show overall.

“As writers we try to tell the best stories we can. Sometimes that involves us painting ourselves into a corner and when we do that, that’s where great ideas come from. We kind of relish the challenge, to be honest. And I definitely don’t think we hold back on anything. Everything is on the table at all times. Every character, every storyline. The beauty of The Flash is we can do things like “Flashpoint.” We can have Barry travel back in time and make interesting decisions. When you have a show and a character with those abilities, basically anything is possible. When we introduced the multiverse, the sandbox got even bigger and there were more interesting things in there that we got to play with. And the actors have a lot of fun at the same time. When we did our Earth-2, Iris was a little different, Joe was a little different, a lot of the characters were different. Then when we do a “Flashpoint” storyline, there’s a distinction with a difference, again, with the characters. That kind of revitalizes a lot of people. As storytellers we get to continually go into these interesting worlds with these interesting characters who are similar yet slightly different, and it just makes the storytelling that much more interesting and exciting, I think.”

Helbing also added that this storyline will not take over all of season three.

“No, but the impact and the various decisions are going to reverberate throughout the entire season. It’s the reason that villains like Dr. Alchemy and Savitar are a part of the show. We liken it to when you have a perfect, pristine vase that you break. Even if you put it back together, there are always going to be those cracks. It’s never, ever going to be exactly how it was. For example, when we meet The Rival in episode one, he’ll have an impact in episode two. This guy, Edward Clariss, remembers everything that happened in “Flashpoint.” All of the pieces that we set up in “Flashpoint” are going to play out throughout the entire season. It’s going to be something that Barry and his team are going to be grappling with and struggling against and trying to overcome.”


This season will also introduce Kid Flash, which was something that the creative team behind the show was very excited to explore.

“And we’re really excited this season, because we get to introduce Kid Flash. We introduced Wally West last season, and there would be a tendency on some shows to make him Kid Flash right away. What I love about what we get to do here, and what [executive producers] Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg basically always wants to do, is get to know the character first. What’s his or her emotional journey? We know we’re going to get there at some point, but we need to get to know who these characters are first and let the audience discover the ins and outs of the characters. Then we get to bring in someone like Kid Flash.”

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The Flash season three premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 4 at 8/7c.

Source: Empire 

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