‘The Flash’: On-Set Photos Feature New Flash & XS Costumes

The Flash XS

Set photos from The Flash just leaked and they feature The Flash’s and XS’s new costumes and – yeesh.

The Flash is beloved among the CW crop of shows for it’s light-hearted action, the affecting emotional drama that ties the characters together, and, of course, Barry Allen running fast at stuff. But one source of constant criticism has been The Flash’s costume.

In season 1 there was a whole thing about his chest emblem not having a white background, season 2 & 3 featured haters talking about how the costume hadn’t changed much, while season 4 attire actually got away unscathed because viewers were just too annoyed at how slow and meandering the Thinker based plot was. All I remember from season 4 was Ralph Dibney and how great of a character he was. But it looks like Barry Allen is getting yet another wardrobe change. As revealed in snippets from previously released trailers this past summer and these newly leaked on-set photos, Flash is going for a more comics accurate look by ditching the chin strap on his head piece and giving his costume a brighter shade of red. And he, uh, shouldn’t have done that. Thanks to Instagram user, Devin Xiong, we get our first look at the costume.


Some, such as Devin himself, is welcoming the change but I’m wondering why, oh why did Cisco let him leave the lab like that! I’m no fashion expert but look at that head helmet! It’s too bright and I feel like it’s going to fall off. XS looks fine and it’s a comics accurate look but Flash’s costume in season 4 was fine! #WhyCiscoWhy?

Why do you think of the costume change? Did Cisco do this on purpose? Will he be revealed as the true villain of season 5? Sound off in the comments below!

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