David Ramsay Teases Flashpoint’s Effect On ‘Arrow’

During the Fan Favorites panel at San Diego Comic Con, actor David Ramsay, who portrays John Diggle in the Berlanti-verse television shows (Arrow and The Flash) discussed what to expect next. Diggle teased a glimpse at what fans may learn come Arrow season 5 as well as confirming that Flashpoint will have an effect on the Arrowverse and Diggle’s character as a whole.

Ramsay was asked a question by a fan during the Fan Favorites panel, which many others have been speculating about. He was asked if Diggle’s reenlisting affects his relationship when his friends and family when he returns to Star City. Ramsay responded promptly.

Flash: Paradox will have something to do with some of Diggle’s reality. If you follow what’s happened on Flash, he had made changes to the timeline. It will effect Diggle to some degree.

Yes, it effects his family in a very personal way. There’s a lot going on with Diggle this season, and yes it effects his family directly.

Ramsay was also asked on whether or not Diggle will make appearances on Legends of Tomorrow and/or Supergirl. In response, Ramsay discussed what DC fans should expect in the very near future.

It’s kind of like in this Berlanti-universe, it we are all connected and there is so much intersection. I am looking forward to being on Supergirl. I don’t know if Diggle will be on Supergirl, but I am looking forward to that. I am looking forward to the reaction that Diggle will have when he sees Supergirl

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