New York’s Forbidden Planet Comic Shop Raising Money To Stay Open

Forbidden Planet

New York City’s Forbidden Planet is raising money in order to keep its doors open for business.

The coronavirus pandemic forced businesses across the world to close in order to slow the spread of the virus and direct market comic book retailers are among the many impacted by the crisis. Now, New York’s Forbidden Planet is asking for donations through a GoFundMe campaign in order to stay open.

With mounting expenses and zero revenue coming in, Forbidden Planet is asking fans to help any way they can be that through donations or sharing the GoFundMe page. You can read a portion of Forbidden Planet’s statement below:

“Since the beginning of the current crisis, myself and others have worked from home to help maintain the store’s business and customer relationships and organize a way to come back from all of this. The sad truth of the matter is that nothing will be the same for some time, but we need to ensure that FPNYC is in a position to reopen when the time comes. To do that we are humbly asking for your assistance in keeping FPNYC on its feet. We’ve gone a month with zero revenue coming in and massive expenses going out. Rent, utilities, and other bills have added up quickly. The cost of doing business in New York City is astronomical, especially in a ground floor location off Union Square. We’ve recently turned our website back on for mail order, but honestly this will yield just a small portion of what is needed to keep us viable.  Even when we’re able to open again we will face enormous challenges amidst the continuing epidemic. We want all of our staff to have a job waiting for them when the quarantine is lifted, and of course their safety and that of our customers will be of paramount concern. We understand that things are tough and other good causes in this time of need abound, but we ask that you help in any way you can. Even if it’s just by sharing this campaign.”

Fans can make a donation and read the full statement at GoFundMe.

As of now, Forbidden Planet’s effort has raised $17,200 of its $300,000 goal. The fundraiser has already received support from notable comic book creators and industry figures, including Klaus Janson, Brian Hibbs, Brandon Montclare, Drawn & Quarterly, W. Maxwell Prince, Robert Venditti, Victoria McNally, Vita Ayala, Calvin Reid, Ram V, Charles Forsman, Nadia SHammas, Annie Koyama, Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Thomas Pitilli, and Lloyd Kaufman.

Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on Forbidden Planet as it develops.

Source: gofundme

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