Frank Miller Talks Batman v Superman Criticism & Affleck’s Performance

imageThe creator of arguably the best graphic novel of all time, The Dark Knight Returns opened up about Batman v Superman. Given that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was basically a big budget fan fiction of the novel, you’d expect Miller to have a few things to say about it. While at the MegaCon 2016 convention in Orlando, the Comic Book legend attended a panel that held a Q & A and they asked more than a few questions pertaining to the film.

“When asked on the unfair criticism towards Batman v Superman and if he agreed with them, Miller only had this to say about the film:

“I was rooting for Batman.”

When asked if someone from The Batman camp reached out to him for advice on the film, as Affleck’s Batman in Batman v Superman is heavily based on his Batman from the Dark Knight Returns, Miller simply replied:

“They got my number.”

While DC Comics comic book writer Brian Azzarello who also appeared on the panel, playfully hinted at something when the question was first asked, which egged on the host to then asked him what was on his mind, which Azzarello simply replied playfully:


When asked on Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman in Batman v Superman, Miller had encouraging words:

“I liked it, he’s a good actor. I mean, he’s obviously very, very close to this material and plays it with great affection.”

When the same fan went on to states how Affleck was crucify for his performance online, Miller responded back with:

“The wonderful thing about the internet is the delete button.”

Regardless of how you feel about the film, Miller is right Ben Affleck plays an awesome Batman. What do you think of Frank Millers’s comments?

The Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits stores everywhere July 19th, 2016!


Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

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  • Jake Bucsko

    You can tell Frank Miller is a man of the people because he’s cosplaying as Freddy Kreuger in that picture from the con. He’s a fan just like us!

    • A Realist

      He also has cancer, so kudos to you for making fun of the guy with a life threatening disease! Huzzah!

      • Jake Bucsko

        Can’t feel too bad. He shouldn’t have killed all those kids.

        • A Realist

          You’re not funny. Not even remotely.

          • Jake Bucsko

            Guess I better lock my door.

          • A Realist

            Wonder what Natalie would think about what a piece of crap you are online.

          • Jake Bucsko

            You’re already a weirdo stalker so you may as well go the full 9 and tell her yourself. You wouldn’t be the first creepy stranger who decided to stalk my life online and message her about my Internet comments. She definitely told me that the next time someone informs her about my Internet comments, she’ll divorce me.

            I may never sleep again.

          • A Realist

            So, perhaps stop being a douchebag online, stupid.

          • Jake Bucsko

            Can’t stop won’t stop

          • A Realist

            Oh, wow. Aren’t you just full of them? Glad you get yourself.

          • Jake Bucsko

            Someone’s got to

          • TomDJ

            Man calm down, you are scaring people.

          • A Realist

            Can’t stop. Won’t stop.
            Or…don’t be an douchebag when you have all of your information easily at the ready. I don’t blame his wife for wanting to leave him.

          • TomDJ

            Dude you are messed up

          • A Realist

            You have a guy making fun of a man dying of cancer…

            …but *I’m* the messed up one for easily finding the guy on Facebook. Took me two seconds. The idiot used his real name, for Crissake’s.

            This is why this country is f*cked. The mentality of morons like you. Priorities on where you find your indignation.

          • TomDJ

            It wasn’t the degree of difficulty or time that was messed up. It was the fact that you had to go to his profile and find ways to hurt him personally that was messed up.

            As for his comment, it was pretty benign. The hat makes him look like Freddy Krueger more than anything else. That’s all I thought when I saw the picture.

            The only thing that is moronic here is fact that you think everyone is from your country. My country is doing fine.

          • A Realist

            What exactly did I do to hurt him personally?

            Have I contacted his wife? No.

            Did I message him or his work to try and get him fired? No.

            I had the urge to see what the @$$hole looked like, so I looked. Fault me on my curiosity, if anything.

            And then I asked him what his wife would think of his continued bullying (and make no mistake, that’s what this is) of people online. Egads!

            Stop with your melodrama.

            And for the record, I don’t give a crap where you’re from. You’re still an idiot, and apologist.

          • TomDJ

            ” I don’t blame his wife for wanting to leave him” – even if it’s not true, your goal was to try to hurt him. You went to his page to find things you could hurt him with. That’s what makes you messed up. Frankly the more you talk, the worse you look.

            You calling him out for bullying is ironic and you calling me an apologist is ironic.

          • A Realist

            Uh, he volunteered that information himself, dipsh!t. I assume you can read, yes? Go look for yourself.

            Aside from you seemingly not knowing exactly what irony is, this conversation has run its course, and your idiocy is boring me now. I could not possible care less what you think of me, and I’ve already given you enough of the privilege of a dialogue with me. Which is now ending. Ta.

          • TomDJ

            You brought up his wife first. So yep I can read. You insult in an attempt to bolster a losing argument. He was also being sarcastic, which I don’t think you caught. A word of advice, friend, don’t let trolls get to you and don’t lash out at people. You will live a much longer and happier life. :)

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  • JNAZ

    “The wonderful thing about the internet is the delete button.” What an awesome quote lol

    • Carl

      Not if someone else takes a screenshot.

  • Redford Jefferson Madison III

    You’ve inferred a lot from very very little.

  • ken

    ??? that man must be very hard to trigger

  • This is great

  • TomDJ

    Yes, Mr. Miller, we all liked Batfleck. But how did you feel about the REST of the film?

    • William Avitt

      The rest of the film was fantastic

      • TomDJ

        Frank Miller?! I can’t believe it’s you! Why are you going under an alias? Your real name is way better!

  • Revenant Traveler

    Batfleck and Godot’s WW are THE best aspects of an otherwise incredibly overwrought flick…..

  • Jen


  • A Realist

    Uh, Affleck was one of the few things NOT crucified online about BvS, that idiot fan…

  • A Realist

    Uh, Affleck was one of the few things NOT crucified online about BvS, that idiot fan…

  • Victor Thomas

    Okay I hated BVS but when did Affleck get crucified for his performance? I thought we all universally agreed he is the best Batman. I know a lot of people are mad he’s a killer but his performance though?

  • H.I McDunnough

    This is like an “Ain’t it cool news” talkback circa 2004.