Check Out The Full Flash Costume And Unused Cyborg Model From ‘Dawn Of Justice’

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When fans saw Barry Allen show his stuff during the Justice League trailer, and then once again during Suicide Squad, his costume was noticably different from that of his cameo appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In Dawn of Justice, The Flash appeared directly after what is now commonly referred to as Batman’s Knightmare scene, in which Bruce envisions an apocalyptic future where Superman has become rogue and appears to be working for DC’s big-bad, Darkseid. Directly after the dream, The Flash visits him from the future and gives him a line about how Lois Lane is the key for Superman, whether that means she is the cause or the solution is still unknown.

The scene in Dawn of Justice showing The Flash gave us a quick look at Barry’s helmet, which has an open face and looked more robotic (almost like a Halo suit) in comparison to the more traditional full face mask shown in his more recent appearances. Since then, we have not been given a better look at his initial open faced suit, until now.

An image featuring initial Maquettes (a fancy word for design prototypes) of The Flash and fellow Justice League member Cyborg have surfaced on Twitter. The image is apparently from Ironhead studios, and is a mock up for the Knightmare scene and an apparent unused Cyborg outfit (that also looks noticably different from the first time we really see his character in the Justice League trailer as well).

Check out the tweet below:

A lot of the comments on the tweet are claiming that it’s the actual costume from Dawn of Justice, which I don’t believe is the case. This seems to be more of a model that they based the movie’s costume on. You can clearly see the open face, and the color is much darker than the more traditional red Flash suit from Suicide Squad and the Justice League trailer. It looks to be more worn, much like Batman’s trench coat look from the same scene. However I cannot confirm one way or another yet if it is the actual costume or not.

The Cyborg look is brand new to fans, as it was not actually used in Dawn of Justice at all. It doesn’t seem to be based off of any version of the characters suits from the comics (correct me in the comments if I’m mistaken about that). My best guess is that it is his first suit before he sheds some of it to become what he was in the Justice League trailer (could have potentially been used in Lex’s files scene when we saw Cyborg’s origin) or perhaps it’s from early drafts of the Knightmare scene. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

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