‘Gambit’: Channing Tatum Movie Receives A Brand New Working Title

Fox has reportedly given a new working title to Channing Tatum's 'Gambit' film as the upcoming 'X-Men' spinoff gears up for production.

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Omega Underground reports that Fox has changed the working title of Channing Tatum’s Gambit film to “Forevermore.”

Although the X-Men spinoff was initially given the working title “Chess”, the outlet speculates that the new moniker was given because the original title has been public for a considerable amount of time. “Chess” had also been the working title for the film in 2015 before development on the project stalled. Originally expected to begin filming in 2016, the X-Men spinoff seemed all but dead after losing two directors within the same year. However, 20th Century Fox once again expressed interest in starting up production on the film following the critical and financial success of both Deadpool and Logan.

Directed by Gore Verbinski with Channing Tatum starring as the titular character, Gambit is described as a crime/heist movie and is set to film in New Orleans. In the comics, Remy LeBeau, a.k.a. Gambit, is a mutant with the ability to manipulate objects using kinetic energy. Hailing from New Orleans, LA, Gambit is perhaps best known for manipulating playing cards.

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Gambit is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on February 14, 2019.

Source: Omega Underground

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