‘Gambit’ Production Delayed Once Again; Director Doug Liman Starting Casting From Scratch

GambitWhile the project was looking to start filming in a few months, 20th Century Fox’s Gambit has hit yet another production delay and been pushed back to late 2016. It’s currently being reported that this delay comes from director Doug Liman signing on the helm The Wall for Amazon Studios if negotiations don’t fall apart. Now, the good news as far as this goes, is that this film is a relatively small production which will allow him to knock it out quickly before returning to Gambit, which Liman still plans to direct. Meanwhile, the film’s script is currently being re-written by star Channing Tatum’s production partner Reid Carolin at the moment.

Following these re-writes and wrapping up on The Wall, Liman is expected to start the casting process for the film from scratch, so don’t expect the previously rumored Lea Seydoux to be among the film’s cast. While this might all sound like bad news, it does seem like they are really working to make sure they get this one just right rather than rushing it out. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the film’s script, so these re-writes are likely just to tweak it more to Liman’s liking.

We’ll have to see how that all works out but with Liman at the helm, this project personally has my full faith. Currently Gambit has no release date but depending on production schedules could possibly still hit theaters sometime later next year. Sound off with your thoughts on the news in the comments section below.

Source: The Wrap

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • breakerbaker

    Fox would be better suited to try to find somebody who knows what they are doing to try to reboot the FF in their mutant universe (I know it seems too soon, but they’re either going to make that property work or they should give it back to Marvel) than continuing to try to convince people to care about individual mutants. Deadpool was such a unique set of circumstances, and the kind of character who could only work in a standalone. Gambit is not the draw that he might have been if this were the 1990s, and having this many false starts on the project should make it clear that they should be thinking about something else.

    • Steve Steve

      I wonder if there may be a restriction in their rights contract that doesn’t allow them to mix the FF with the X-Men. It would behoove them to have done that already, so I wonder if they aren’t able to at all.

      • Vegas82

        I don’t think there are any real restrictions stopping them from doing that since they own the rights to both. The big hang up has been the horrible interpretations of FF that don’t really mesh with what is being done with the X-Men.

      • breakerbaker

        The biggest obstacle may be the shortsighted decision to turn their Mutant movies into period pieces, with the forthcoming once being set thirty years ago. It means that they would either have to set their FF movie in the 1990s or they are going to have to abandon the period theme somehow, which may or may not require a full reboot (which I think they will need to do to successfully recast Wolverine anyway).

        • PNHD

          I expected them to finish the prequel trilogy with the last one set in the 80s and then start fresh with new actors in a present day trilogy. I’m still wondering why they chose to expand the universe with this current slate.

          A proper X-Men reboot would do wonders with a better fleshed out universe that would involve smaller player movies and a re-telling of classic storyline like the Dark Phoenix saga, ivolve the Skrulls and other galactic threats. Even after the soft reboot from DOFP there are still timeline inconsistencies. And don’t get me started on retconing Colossus. There’s no continuity in the X-Men universe

      • Chris W

        FF and X-men were going to cross over. They nixed that when it bombed.

        • Steve Steve

          I’m not convinced they were going to cross-over. The deals are separate, which means the restrictions, theater rental shares, merchandising, etc. are all different. It is likely there are “hoops” to jump through if they want to mix the two properties. It would at least be difficult. In any case, the failure of the solo FF film means that a crossover isn’t worth the effort.

  • jollybrah

    Not to good news really. I don’t think a Gambit film needs to be made at all and these delays don’t help change my mind. I say the film gets canned by year end.

    • WarrenWII

      If Fox wants the audience to really know and love Gambit, a solo movie is the best option. XMen films are big ensembles, where most of the times they cant develop each x-man enough. So yeah, a solo movie is needed in that sense. And even more now that Hugh is leaving. The X-Men need more exposure and spotlight, and Gambit is easily one of the most marketable

  • unpaidpundit

    In Hollywood, directors usually have control over casting, so this is not a surprise. Of course, in a shared universe, no single director is going to be able to make all the casting decisions. I would expect some other X-Men to show up in a Gambit film, and Liman would not be able to cast those characters, unless they have not appeared in any other movies.

  • Maximillian Pegasus

    Forget Gambit, Channing Tatum for Captain Marvel.

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  • JJ

    I have more faith in the film now that it’s being directed by Doug Liman. He did an amazing job with The Bourne Identity, and that was the movie that showed that Matt Damon could actually be a badass. I don’t think Tatum is the right choice for Gambit, I would have kept Taylor Kitsch, or got Josh Holloway to play him, but I think Tatum might actually work now.

    Gambit is one of my favorite X-Men, and hopefully they take their time with the filming process, so it turns out to really be something special.