‘Game Of Thrones’ Final 2 Episode Titles Confirmed; Finale Longest Episode To Date

Game of ThronesAfter the titles of Game of Thrones leaked and this week’s eighth episode press release for “No One” confirmed their veracity, HBO (via EW) finally got around to confirming the other, final titles in the sixth season. Episode nine puts everything on front street with “Battle of the Bastards” while the finale appropriates the title of George R.R. Martin’s unpublished sixth volume in A Song of Ice and Fire, “The Winds of Winter.”

They also confirmed their lengths. While last week’s episode “The Broken Man” ran 51 minutes, “No One” will run 59, “Battle of the Bastards” will run 60 and finally “The Winds of Winter” will run 69 (heh, heh), making it the longest episode in the show’s history. They air Sundays, June 12, 19 and 26 respectively. Obviously, episode nine will feature the long-awaited showdown between Jon Snow and his evil counterpart Ramsay Bolton for control of Winterfell and the North. It’s been my speculation for a long time that the finale of this season will feature the White Walkers bringing down the Wall. I think we saw the means of this foreshadowed in episode 5 “The Door.”

Mark Mylod, who directed “The Broken Man” returns for “No One” (the synopsis and preview of which can be found here) while the final two episodes – both most likely the largest and most expensive in show history – see the return of Miguel Sapochnik, who previously helmed the beloved Season 5 episode “Hardhome.” No synopses have been released for either of the final two episodes.

Catch up on the show’s sixth season with our weekly recaps and check back shortly after Sunday’s episode for the next entry in the most comprehensive Game of Thrones recaps you’ll find anywhere. In the meantime, catch up on the 5 ways Game of Thrones changed fantasy and TV – at the same time.


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • Worldmind

    Battle of the Bastards. Love it, there is absolutely no ambiguity there at all, can’t wait. On a side note, I’m wondering about the fact that the Glovers had Jon Snow and Sansa within their walls and let them walk away. Obviously this was done because of past loyalty to Ned Stark… but if Ramsay Bolton survives, or – Gods forbid – is victorious, I can’t help but think there will be consequences.

    • JJ DJ

      I’m thinking the reason he let them go, is really because he’s still loyal to the Starks, but can’t risk showing that while the Boltons are still keeping an eye on him

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    • Samuel Patrick Flynn

      I’ll print out and eat my own recaps if Ramsay survives this battle :)