‘Game Of Thrones’: Jaime Lannister Actor Addresses Popular Fan Theory

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In a recent interview, actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldau was asked about a popular theory regarding his Game Of Thrones character (Jaime Lannister) and his character’s sister (Cersei Lannister), played by Lena Headey. His response is certainly interesting, to say the least.

It goes without saying, but if you’re not caught up with the show, then unmarked spoilers ahead. And unmarked spoilers will follow this point if the theory comes true.

Going into this theory requires a bit of background information first. In the Season 5 premiere of Game Of Thrones, Cersei is seen in a flashback asking a witch three questions about her future. First, she asked if she would marry a prince, to which the witch replied that she’d marry a king. Second, she asked a question reaffirming that she would be queen, to which the witch replied that she’d have her reign for a time before being usurped by someone younger and more beautiful. Third, she asked if she would have children, to which the witch replied that she would have three, but she alluded to the fact that she would outlive them all – and worse yet, that a valonquar (a term which can mean younger brother, among other things) would strangle her to death shortly after she ascended to the throne.

Cersei suspected that her younger brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) would try to kill her at some point, and as a result she was always suspicious of him. But Game Of Thrones fans have long speculated that Tyrion is not the person who the witch spoke of – it’s her younger twin, Jaime, that will do her in. While Cersei and Jaime have been in an incestuous relationship over the course of the entire HBO series, Jaime has grown increasingly wary of his sister’s evil deeds (such as her decision to kill an entire religious group and hundreds of innocent people by causing an explosion from beneath a building), and he’s now beginning to view his sister as being as dangerous as the Mad King he betrayed to save Westeros.

All other elements of the witch’s prophecy have come true, as Cersei is now queen and her children have died before her – the only event that has yet to pass is the death of Cersei at the hands of a younger brother. Might Jaime kill his twin sister to save Westeros once more? Coster-Waldau weighed in on this theory in a recent interview with The Huffington Post:

“It’s a theory, but it has a beautiful, romantic, tragic thing [to it]… It’s probably too obvious.”

Confusingly, Coster-Waldau simultaneously praised the theory and dismissed it, which is curious considering that the other option (that Cersei was right about Tyrion, and that he’ll be the one to kill her when he returns to Westeros) could also be considered “too obvious”. Coster-Waldau would also note that he had “no idea” how the story between the two characters was going to play out – perhaps, then, this plot thread will be resolved in Season 8 rather than Season 7. While none of this directly confirms or disconfirms this line of thinking, it is interesting to see a star of Game Of Thrones weigh in on such a popular theory.

Game Of Thrones returns with Season 7 in the Summer.

Source: The Huffington Post