‘Game Of Thrones’ House Targaryen Prequel Nears Pilot Order At HBO

Game of Thrones Drogon Emmy Emilia Clarke Daenerys

HBO is close to ordering a pilot for a Game of Thrones prequel series that focuses the House Targaryen according to Deadline.

The Game of Thrones prequel comes from author and executive producer George R.R Martin and co-creator and executive producer Ryan Condal, best known for his work on Colony. The prequel series is set 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones and will focus on how the House of Targaryen dwindled into ashes.

The series will be based on Martin’s book Fire & Blood, which tracks the history and downfall of the Targaryen household. The show has been in the works at HBO since last fall. This prequel series is not supposed to be a sixth Game of Thrones prequel but rather a reinterpretation of a script Bryan Cogman brought to the table. Bryan Cogman announced earlier this April that his idea was not going forward.

Martin stressed earlier this year on his blog that of the 5 ideas that were pitched to the network, 3 of them were moving forward positively. One of them, which stars Naomi Watts, already filmed its pilot this past summer and is currently in the process of being assessed by the network.

Details are pretty much non-existent on this prequel to Game of Thrones, though it is a safe bet to assume that the show will focus heavily on Aegon The Conqueror of House Targaryen. As more details trickle in, we’ll keep you updated.

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Source: Deadline