‘Game Of Thrones’: Isaac Hempstead Wright On Bran Stark’s New Role In Season 7

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The last season of Game of Thrones marked significant changes for Bran Stark. Assuming the mantle of the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran discovered the surprising truth behind Jon Snow’s parentage but was left outside the wall with Meera with little but his new found knowledge and responsibilities. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series star Isaac Hempstead Wright discussed the challenges Bran will face with his new role as the Three-Eyed Raven.

Isaac Hempstead Wright revealed where viewers will find Bran when the series returns.

“Bran is in the same position he’s in, which is kind of like, ‘What am I gonna do? What’s gonna happen?’ Is he gonna tell Jon? Is he gonna find anyone? Is he even going to make it past the Wall? He’s only with Meera now, and he’s out in the middle of nowhere, so it’s not looking great.”

Isaac Hempstead Wright discussed how Bran’s new role as the Three-Eyed Raven will affect him.

“I think the thing with Bran is that he’s had to change massively. His circumstances are pretty bad, but overall I think Bran has maintained his sense of being good. He hasn’t gone, like, ‘Oh man, I have all these amazing powers now, let’s mess some things up!’

Isaac Hempstead Wright discussed how this new role has forced Bran to grow.

“What’s been important has been taking this new role and that’s what Bran has done his whole life. He suddenly lost his legs, and then his family got killed, and then his house burned down, so it’s like, okay, ‘Now I’m in this forest with all these random people, and now I’m having weird dreams,’ but what Bran is thinking of above anything else is this sense of responsibility and purpose and not just being a kid anymore and doing whatever he wants to do. Bran has certainly understood that this is out of his control now. He’s a piece on the chessboard that has to make a move, and he hasn’t got any moves.”

Isaac Hempstead Wright mentions that Bran will conflicted over whether or not he should tell Jon Snow the truth about his parentage, suggesting that fans may still have to wait awhile before the game changing news becomes public in Westeros.

Game of Thrones season seven will air on HBO in summer 21017.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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