‘Game Of Thrones’: Ed Sheeran Gives New Details On His Cameo Appearance

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The penultimate season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will begin this summer, reuniting viewers with their favorite heroes and villains. Of course with a world as enormous as Westeros, there will certainly be a number of new character’s making their debut on the hit series’ seventh season. One of those new roles will be played by musician Ed Sheeran, who was confirmed to make a cameo appearance last month. While few details on Ed Sheeran’s role have been revealed, aside from whether or not his character will survive, the musician recently offered new information on his appearance in an interview with The Hits Radio, including which major character he will share a scene with.

Ed Sheeran revealed that he will play a musician who shares a scene with Arya Stark.

“I just do a scene with Maisie. I sing a song and then she goes, ‘Oh, that’s a nice song.’”

While it is hardly surprising to hear that Sheeran will be serenading viewers during his cameo appearance, fans will likely begin speculating on what song the musician will be playing as George R. R. Martin’s original novels have a number of songs that have yet to be featured on the show.

Game of Thrones season seven will premiere on July 16, 2017 on HBO.

Source: The Hits Radio

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