‘Game Of Thrones’: Ed Sheeran To Guest; Creators Talk Season 8

Game of Thrones Ed Sheeran

At the Game of Thrones panel at SXSW, series showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss confirmed that singer Ed Sheeran will be appearing at some point in season seven as a guest star.

“For years, we tried to get Ed Sheeran on the show to surprise Maisie [Williams], and this year we finally did it,” said Benioff while onstage at the panel. During the panel, the HBO drama’s eighth and final season, which won’t be out until next year, was confirmed to have only six episodes, which is shorter than other seasons in the past.

Joining the creators onstage were actresses Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, who play Sansa and Arya Stark, respectively. However, there wasn’t a lot of new information revealed as the cast and showrunners tried to keep everything under wraps.

HBO CEO has long said to be working on a spin-off series, but Benioff and Weiss confirm they won’t be a part of it. Benioff says, “I think it’s better for them to get new blood in.”

Although the show has been very successful, the creators weren’t always sure that it would take off the way it did, but Benioff is so happy that they were lucky enough to have a great group of actors onboard.

There was a very good chance the show wouldn’t get picked up because we made a lot of mistakes with the pilot. We got such a good group of people. Especially when the show got successful, it’s so easy for them to turn into assholes, and everyone has remained really great with one exception.

Game of Thrones season seven will begin airing on HBO this summer.

Source: THR

10 Of The Most Heartbreaking Deaths In Superhero Films

Heartbreaking DeathsIt is the natural order of existence: life begins and life eventually comes to an end. Death is something we humans are constantly coming to terms with, among the most common of methods the reflection upon death in artistic mediums. It a meta-sense, it becomes the job of superheroes to deal with deal with death on the page and outside the page. Sadly, they can’t do their jobs sometimes without obstacles and sometimes these obstacles can be downright heartbreaking. That is the nature of these characters and it only makes sense that death and mortality come into play when crafting engaging stories. Everyone on Earth deals with the reality of mortality. That films based on superhero comics take this to the next logical step is what makes Logan so emotionally raw.

The film uses death as one of the its major themes to great effect. There have been a lot of deaths in superhero films. We’re going to talk about the ones ranging from extremely well-handled to extremely satisfying i.e. the good ones. While it may be great to see a villain get what he or she deserves, it is truly devastating to watch a character that you care about die. With the theme of mortality still in mind, let’s look back at films that have had the most emotionally-impactful death scenes. Tread lightly reading as this will contain spoilers.

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