‘Game Of Thrones’: Emilia Clarke Debunks Fan Theory On Daenerys & Jon Snow

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones will begin it’s penultimate season next month as the series begins to march towards an epic conclusion. With the end of the story in sight, fans have several ideas on how the show will wrap up the respective tales of our favorite characters, but one star of the HBO series has already nixed one popular theory. In an interview with Style Magazine, Emilia Clarke debunked the popular theory that Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will form a romance or be united in marriage in the next season of the hit series.

Clarke explained that Daenerys will be focused on her mission to claim to Iron Throne and discussed why she probably won’t be eager to engage in romance anytime soon:

“I think that she has ultimately put aside her own need for a man. She is so engaged and wrapped up in leading and being the queen and ruling and fulfilling her birth right that the idea of someone coming in and sharing that title is probably something she’s not comfortable with.”

Of course, with Daenerys having walked through fire and Jon Snow having defeated a White Walker, fans have also speculated that Daenerys and Jon will form an alliance to defeat the White Walkers, with the former character representing fire and the latter representing ice. While Clarke may have nixed the idea of a romance between both characters, who were revealed to be relatives in last year’s season finale, she did not address or deny a potential military union between the leaders.

Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow will unite in some capacity or will they find themselves at odds with each other? Share your thoughts below!

Game of Thrones season seven premieres on HBO on July 16, 2017.

Source: Style Magazine

‘Game Of Thrones’: Everything We Know So Far About Season 7

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Game of Thrones In Westeros, everybody knows “winter is coming.” But in our world, it’s summer we have to watch out for, because that is when Game of Thrones returns to HBO.

Only 13 episodes remain before Thrones exits stage left. Seven of those episodes comprise season 7 and six is confirmed to be the count for the eighth and final season next year. Season 6 left off with two of its biggest and most consequential episodes – “Battle of the Bastards,” which depicted the most expensive battle scene yet filmed for the fantasy drama, and “The Winds of Winter,” which takes it title from the unpublished sixth novel of the planned seven that comprise the show’s basis, author George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and featured the largest slaughter of named characters in the show’s bloody history.

Now, the game has been reset yet again. Jon Snow has been crowned King in the North by his countrymen, Cersei has seized the Iron Throne in the South, and Daenerys Targaryen sails to Westeros to reclaim it with a massive, multicultural invasion force. And all the while, the Night King, his fellow White Walkers, and their zombie army descend on the Wall, seeking to bring it down and spread wintry death to all of Westeros. After years of war and desolation, can the people of the continent come together in time to avert apocalypse?

We’ll find out come summer. Click Next to scroll through Westeros, from Beyond-the-Wall all the way to aptly-named Oldtown in the south.

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  • henryducard

    She didn’t say anything there in certain terms. That was her opinion.

  • Nathan_12thMan

    This is in fact, stupid, and wrong.

    Point 1) This cast (including her) have lied/deceived in the past as to not only not spoil the series but to make people believe one (false) thing so when the truth is revealed, it is more shocking. Like what? Jon Snow being dead and not coming back.

    Point 2) She is an actress. She only knows what the showrunners want her to know. She likely doesn’t know what is going to happen next season. For all she knows her story is all about falling in love with Jon Snow and Jon killing her to activate Nightbringer. Unlikely, but possible.

    Point 3) She doesn’t say anything is going to happen or not happen, aka she doesn’t debunk anything, she just gives some vague opinions on what her character might think.

    Point 4) It was made incredibly clear when she broke up with Daario that she needs to make allies in the Seven Kingdoms and the best way to ally with someone strong is by marriage. Is the most eligible bachelor in the Seven Kingdoms? Jon Snow is single, smart, kind, handsome, a King, loyal, and has the right priorities (the true war is in the north vs the wights).