‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Neil Fingleton Has Died At 36

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Game of Thrones actor Neil Fingleton has died at the age of 36 from heart failure.

Standing at 7 feet, 7 inches, the actor was the tallest man in Britain. Fingleton played Mag the Mighty in the HBO series’ fourth season. He has also appeared in X-Men: First ClassJupiter Ascending, and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he did some motion capture work for Ultron.

The Tall Persons Club on Facebook made this statement regarding Fingleton’s death:

“Sadly it has come to our attention that Neil Fingleton, Britain’s Tallest Man, passed away on Saturday.

Neil became Britain’s Tallest Man in 2007 passing the height of Chris Greener.

Neil started off in basketball in the USA before becoming an actor and starring in the X-men first class and also recently in the Game of Thrones. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family.”

Fingleton’s professional basketball career took him to several countries, including Spain and China. He also appeared on the highly popular British sci-fi series, Doctor Who as the Fisher King in the episode, “Before the Flood,” and he was also in the Keanu Reeves movie 47 Ronin, where he played a Samurai.

The actor, who was also one of the top twenty five tallest people in Europe, died Saturday, February 25.

Source: The Guardian

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