Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E10 ‘The Winds Of Winter’

The Winds of Winter

Wow “The Winds of Winter.” Just wow. Some Game of Thrones finales have seen the finale’s pick up the pieces from the epic ninth episode. But this one is just as big and, in terms of impact, much more meaningful. Several storylines were kept at a boil this season and perhaps the greatest surprise of the episode was how many characters got to make appearances. There’s a little something for every Game of Thrones here and that makes it a very powerful episode, (Although I’m sad I got my prediction about the Wall collapsing on the end wrong, but I get why they wanted to end the year teasing Dany’s long-awaited return to Westeros)

For simplicity’s sake, these reviews will be formatted thus: by clicking Next, we start in the furthest north and go south – covering the Wall, the North, King’s Landing and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms – and then east, to the Free Cities of Essos and finally, the Dothraki Sea and Slaver’s Bay. I’ve linked to the various sections below if you prefer to skip around with the episode’s storylines. The storylines that were not touched on this episode are italicized.

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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