Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E2 ‘Home’


Welcome back, Thrones-ians! Sam here, of House Flynn, First of His Name and Heroic Writer of Reviews. After settling in like a Jon Snow corpse with my inaugural Game of Thrones recap last week, let’s get right into what you came for – a breakdown of the epic events in the sixth season’s second episode, “Home,” written by longtime show assistant-turned-writer Dave Hill and directed by “The Red Woman” helmer Jeremy Podeswa.

For simplicity’s sake, these reviews will be formatted thus: by clicking Next, we start in the furthest north and go south – covering the Wall, the North, King’s Landing and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms – and then east, to the Free Cities of Essos and finally, the Dothraki Sea and Slaver’s Bay. I’ve linked to the various sections below if you prefer to skip around with the episode’s storylines. The storylines that were not touched on this episode are italicized.


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

Sam is a writer and journalist whose passion for pop culture burns with the fire of a thousand suns and at least three LED lamps.

  • Vegas82

    Just realized it was Sunday night when I saw this headline. Guess I should watch the episode and come back.

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    • Samuel Patrick Flynn

      You don’t put fire-breathing dragons and ice demons on a show, unless you plan on them fighting 😉 that’s my take, although increasingly I’m thinking the show, being so unconventional, will just flat-out do a downer ending where everybody dies.

      Speaking of endings, Jon’s back! While it worked in the moment, in retrospect I feel underwhelmed. Really wanted him to step out of his funeral pyre, like Dany did with her hatched dragons way back in Season 1. Since we’re getting the Tower of Joy flashback next week, would have been well-timed to reveal Jon’s Targaryen blood.

      • Maybe we’ll see his fire-proofing next week when someone tries to burn him because they think he’s a White Walker since they are all anyone up north has actually seen come back from the dead.

        • Samuel Patrick Flynn

          that’s interesting. Tormund seemed fine with the whole Melisandre ritual thing but you’d think Wildlings especially would think it abhorrent, for the reasons you describe. Will Jon be relatively the same or all Lady Stoneheart (explaining why they’ve nixed her)?

          • I think Tormund was just trusting Davos. Tormund had one look at Davos during the ritual that was like “this better be worth it.” I have a feeling David and DB will put some of Stoneheart’s traits in both Jon Snow and Sansa. It’s really weird, because without Stoneheart, Lady Brienne’s story changes dramatically. So maybe they’ll tie that into Sansa’s story.

          • Samuel Patrick Flynn

            I think you’re right for sure. Speaking of Brienne, word is she’s actually getting back on her book counterpart’s track by heading to the Riverlands in the second half of the season. Jaime is also rumored to be there so you can see how the showrunners may be circling around with her storyline