‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers: Filming Locations & Casting Calls Reveal Plot


OK, as always I have to start these posts off by saying: this post is dark and full of spoilers. Keep reading at your own risk.

Still with me? Ok, let’s get into it.

According to our friends at Watchers On The Wall, a Game of Thrones Spanish-language fansite, Los Siete Reinos, is revealing some pretty big Season 7 spoilers. Since LSR is located in Spain and much of the season is being shot there, their proximity is invaluable.

In some lighter-fare spoiler related news, some filming that was scheduled in Spain is not set for later in November, instead of the beginning of November as originally slated. The location was previously home to the Water Gardens of Dorne.

Now, here comes the biggie – a battle scene! LSR previously reported that Thrones would be shooting on a private estate in the Spanish town of Malpartida, in an area called Las Breñas.  Production is set to shoot here from mid-November to mid-December.

Now, if you recall, that is how long it took to film the Battle of the Bastards in Season 6 – 1 month. The casting call for Malpartida is for 500 extras and 100 horses, likely to play Unsullied soldiers, while the horses may point to Dothraki. It certainly looks like we are gearing up to a battle featuring Daenerys’ army.

Now, Los Siete Reinos reports that it might not be so much a battle as an ambush. Earlier, the site mentioned that the show would be filming characters passing through Las Breñas riding in wagons and litters. The wagons will be filled with supplies gathered from a nearby castle (inserted with CGI), and that the travelers will be raided by rivals. The question is: who’s doing the traveling and who’s doing the ambushing? How does this lead into a month-long shoot if it is ISN’T a battle scene?

Last up, another filming location nearby, a waterside location Barrueco de Arriba, is going to feature a scene with a character that falls into the water. Also involved in this scene: A DRAGON.  So that leads me, and many other, to speculate that perhaps our khaleesi falls off of her beloved Drogon and is in need of some saving? It is also reported that “at least one Lannister” will film scenes nearby. My guess, Tyrion, and if we are lucky, one of his siblings in some type of showdown.

Stay tuned for more on production and casting calls. Sound of below on the latest!

Source: Watchers On The Wall



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